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Predatory Open Access Publishers: Home

This LibGuide is to make authors aware of predatory open access publishers.

Mayo & Open Access Journal fees

Before publishing in an open access journal, consult with your deparment/division chair to make sure there are funds available to pay the open access fees, and that the journal is published by a reputable publisher.

What is Predatory Open Access Publishing?

According to Jeffrey Beall, "[Publishers] that unprofessionally exploit the author-pays model of open-access publishing (Gold OA) for their own profit. Typically, these publishers spam professional email lists, broadly soliciting article submissions for the clear purpose of gaining additional income. Operating essentially as vanity presses, these publishers typically have a low article acceptance threshold, with a false-front or non-existent peer review process. Unlike professional publishing operations, whether subscription-based or ethically-sound open access, these predatory publishers add little value to scholarship, pay little attention to digital preservation, and operate using fly-by-night, unsustainable business models."

The New York Times weighs in with A Peek Inside the Strange World of Fake Academia, published Dec. 29, 2016.



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