Researcher & Author Identifiers, Profiles and Social Networks: Maximize your Impact: Scopus Author ID

Increase the impact of your publications. Tips on how to promote your research and profile as a researcher and author.

What is a Scopus Author ID?

Scopus distinguishes between authors with the same name by giving each author a separate Scopus Author ID and grouping together all the documents written by that author.

Find out more information about Scopus Author Identifier here.


Having a Scopus Author ID gives you the following benefits:

  • Automatic author identification
  • Publication list
  • Citation metrics available


Scopus Author ID has the following limitations:

How do I get started with a Scopus Author ID?

You will be automatically assigned a Scopus Author ID when you publish in a journal indexed by Scopus.

These tutorials outline how you can create an author search, view author details, find variations of an author's name, group names of authors with a selected author, view documents that have cited a selected author and view author performance information.

Once you have a Scopus Author ID


Tips for working with Scopus Author ID

This help menu by Scopus provides instructions on how to:

  • Evaluate an author's performance
  • Find and group potential author matches
  • Set up an alert or RSS feed for an author
  • Create a Citation overivew
  • Find co-authors
  • Request corrections to author details
  • Add documents to a list

Contact your local Librarian for further advice.