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Transcultural Patient Care: Books

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Addressing Cultural Complexities in Practice: A Framework for Clinicians and Counselors. Pamela A. Hays. American Psychological Association. [BF-637-.C6-H367-2001]

African American Psychology; Theory, Research, and Practice. SAGE Publications. [E-185.625-.A38-1992]

African American Voices: African American Health Educators Speak Out. Edited by Ruth W. Johnson. Publication No. 14-2631. National League for Nursing Press. [RA-448.5-.N4-A47-1995x]

Aging in Black America. SAGE Publications, Inc. [HQ-1064-.U5-A6342-1993]

Arabic for Hospital Staff
. Dr. MF Siddiqui. Allied Press Company. [R-123-.S53-1989x]

Asian Americans: Vulnerable Populations, Model Interventions, and Clarifying Agendas. Edited by Lin Zhan. Jones and Bartlett. [E-184-.O6-A8446-2003]

Asian Voices: Asian and Asian-American Health Educators Speak Out
. Lin Zhan. National League for Nursing. [RA-448.5-.A83-A86-1999]

Assessing and Treating Culturally Diverse Clients: A Practical Guide. Freddy Paniagua. Sage. [BF-637-.C6-P264-1998]

Assessment and Culture: Psychological Tests with Minority Populations. Sharon-ann Gopaul-McNicol and Eleanor Armour-Thomas. Academic Press. [RC-473-.P79-G673-2002x]

The Black Women's Health Book: Speaking for Ourselves. Edited by Evelyn C. White. New Expanded Edition. Seal Press. [RA-778-.B645-1994]

Bridging Ethnocultural Diversities in Social Work and Health. Kazuye T. Kumabe, et al. University of Hawaii School of Social Work. [HV-3176-.K84-1985]

Brinkley's Japanese-English Dictionary. Saphrograph Corporation Printing & Publishing. [PL-679-.B8-1963x Vol. 1-2]

Cancer Prevention in Diverse Populations: Cultural Implications for the Multidisciplinary Team. Edited by Marilyn Frank-Stromborg and Sharon J. Olsen. Oncology Nursing Society. [RA-645-.C3-C363935-2001]

Cancer Prevention in Minority Populations: Cultural Implications for Health Care Professionals. Marilyn Frank-Stromborg and Sharon J. Olsen. Oncology Nursing Society. [RA-645-.C3-C36394-1993]

Caring Across Cultures: The Provider's Guide to Cross-Cultural Health Care. The Center for Cross-Cultural Health. [RA-418.5-.T73-C37-1997x]

Caring for Muslim Patients. 2nd ed. Edited by Aziz Sheikh and Abdul Rashid Gatrad. Radcliffe Medical Press. [RA-485-.C25-2008]

Caring for Dying People of Different Faiths. Julia Newberger. 3rd edition. Radcliffe Medical Press. [BL-504-.N48-2004]

Caring for Patients from Different Cultures. Geri-Ann Galanti. Third edition. University of Pennsylvania Press. [RT-86.54-.G35-2004]

Caring for Women Cross-Culturally. Patricia St. Hill, Juliene G. Lipson, and Afaf Ibrahim Meleis. F. A. Davis. [RT-86.54-.C365-2003]

Case Studies in Cultural Diversity: A Workbook. Vernice Ferguson. National League for Nursing. [RT-86.54-.C37-1999]

Children of Color: Psychological Interventions with Culturally Diverse Youth. Jewell Taylor Gibbs, Larke Nahme Huang, and Associates. Jossey-Bass. [RJ-507-.M54-G53-2003]

The Color of Water:  A Black Man's Tribute to His White Mother.  James McBride.  Riverhead Books.  [F-130-.N4-M38-1997]

Communication and Culture: A Guide for Practice. Cynthia Gallois and Victor Callan. Wiley. [GN-345.6-.G37-1997]

CommuniMed; Multilingual Patient Assessment Manual. 3rd Edition. Brent Kelland and Lou Jordan. Mosby Lifeline. [R-123-.K45-1994]

Counseling Across Cultures. Edited by Paul B. Pedersen, Juris G. Draguns, Walter J. Lonner, and Joseph E. Trimble. Sage Publications. [BF-637-.C6-C63-2002]

Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice. Derald Wing Sue and David Sue. John Wiley and Sons. [BF-637-.C6-S85-2003]

Counseling Refugees: A Psychosocial Approach to Innovative Multicultural Interventions. Fred Bernak, Rita Chi-Ying Chung, and Paul B. Pedersen. Greenwood Press. [BF-637-.C6-B347-2003]

Cross-Cultural Rehabilitation: An International Perspective. Ronnie Linda Leavitt. W.B. Saunders. [HV-3011-.C74-1999]

Cultural Care Diversity and Universality: A Worldwide Nursing Theory. Madeleine M. Leininger and Marilyn R. McFarland. 2nd edition. Jones and Bartlett. [RT86.54 .C85 2006]

Cultural Care Diversity and Universality Theory. Cheryl L. Reynolds and Madeleine Leininger. Sage Publications. [RT-86.54-.C85-1993]

Cultural Competence for Evaluators: A Guide for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Practitioners Working with Ethnic/Racial Communities. U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services/Office of Substance Abuse Prevention. [HV-5825-.C84-1992]

Cultural Competence in Health Care. Wen-Shing Tseng and Jon Streltzer. Springer. [RA418.5.T73 C852 2008]

Cultural Competence in Health Care: A Practical Guide. Edited by Anne Rundle, Maria Carvalho, and Mary Robinson. Jossey-Bass. [RA-418.5-.T73-H65-1999b]

Cultural Competencies for Nurses: Impact on Health and Illness. Linda Dayer-Berenson. Jones and Bartlett Publishers. [RA418.5.T73 D39 2011]

Cultural Diversity Information Series: Hispanic American & European American. Beverly Battaglia. Battaglia, Ltd. 1992. [Pamphlet #400]

Cultural Issues in End-of-Life Decision Making. Sage. [HQ-1073.5-.U6-C85-2000]

Cultural Sensitivity: A Pocket Guide for Health Care Professionals. Geri-Ann Galanti. Joint Commission Resources. [Pamphlet #2170]

Culturally Competent Assessment for Family Violence. American Nurses Association. [RC-569.5-.F3-C85-1998]

Culturally Diverse Children and Adolescents: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment
. Ian A Canino and Jeanne Spurlock. The Guilford Press. [RJ-507-.M54-C36-2000]

Culture and Nursing Care: A Pocket Guide. UCSF Nursing Press. [RT-86.54-.C857-1996x]

Culture & Clinical Care. Edited by Juliene G. Lipson, Suzanne L. Dibble. UCSF Nursing Press. [RT86.54 .C852 2005x]

Culture and the Clinical Encounter: And Intercultural Sensitizer for the Health Professions. Rena C. Gropper. Intercultural Press, Inc. [RA-418.5-.T73-G76-1996]

Culture Care: Guide to Heritage Assessment and Health Traditions. Rachel E. Spector. 3rd edition. Pearson Education. 2004. [Pamphlet #2095]

Culture in Clinical Care
. Bette Bonder, Laura Martin, and Andy Miracle. Slack Incorporated. [RA-418-.B64-2002]

Culture, Religion and Childbearing in a Multiracial Society: A Handbook for Health Professionals. Judith Schott and Alix Henley. Butterworth Heineman. [RA-563-.M56-S36-1996x]

Culturgrams: The Nations Around Us. Brigham Young University. [GT-150.C85-1997-v. 1-2]

Developing Cross-Cultural Competence: A Guide for Working with Young Children and Their Families. Eleanor Lynch and Marci Hanson. Paul Brookes Publishing. [HV-888.5-.D48-1992]

Diversity Dictionary: A Dictionary of Nondiscriminatory Language. Vivian Jenkins Nelsen. Hypatia Trust. [HF-5549.5-.M5-N454-1997x]

Diversity, Marginalization and Culturally Competent Health Care: Issues in Knowledge Development. American Academy of Nursing. [RT-86.5-.D58-1995x]

"Do You Understand?" Communicating with the Non-English Speaking Patient; Handbook. Literacy Volunteers of America, Incorporated. [PE-1127-.M4-D69-1989x]

Do's and Taboos Around the World. 3rd edition. Roger E. Axtell, editor. John Wiley and Sons. [HF-5387-.D66-1993]

The Do's and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors. Roger E. Axtell. John Wiley and Sons. [HF-5389-.A98-1990]

Doorway Thoughts: Cross-Cultural Health Care for Older Adults. Ethnogeriatriacs Steering Committee of the American Geriatrics Society. Jones and Bartlett. [RA-564.8-.D66-2004-v.1]

Dying Well: A Guide to Enabling a Good Death. Julia Neuberger. Hochland & Hochland. [BF-789-.D4-N478-1999x]

Effective Communication in Multicultural Health Care Settings. Gary L. Kreps and Elizabeth N. Kunimoto. SAGE Publications. [R-118-.K729-1994]

Energy of a Nation:  Immigrants in America.  Minnesota Advocates for Human Rights.  2nd edition.  [JV-6465-.E53-2004x]

Note:  Accompanying 12-minute videotape is VC 3866

End-of-Life Communication in the ICU: A Global Perspective. Edited by David W. Crippen. Springer. [R726.8 .E5335 2008]

English-Japanese Dictionary: Romanized. J.C. Hepburn. Saphrograph Corporation Printing & Publishing. [PL-679-.E5-1975x]

English-Somali Phrase Book of Common and Medical Terms. Wayne Peate. CompCare. [PJ-2533-.P4-1993]

Ethnic Groups Worldwide: A Ready Reference Handbook. David Levinson. Oryx Press. [GN-325-.L46-1998]

The Ethnic Health Handbook: A Factfile for Health Care Professionals. Ghada Karmi. Blackwell Science. [RA-418.5-.T73-E84-1996]

Ethnic Variations in Dying, Death, and Grief. Taylor & Francis. [R-726.8-.I75-1993]

Ethnogerocounseling: Counseling Ethnic Elders and Their Families. Virginia S. Burlingame. Springer Publishing. [HV-1461-.B875-1999]

European American Culture: A Profile in Minnesota. The Center for Cross-Cultural Health. 1999. [Pamphlet #1975]

Facing Death: Where Culture, Religion, and Medicine Meet. Edited by Howard M. Spiro, Yale University Press. [R-726.8-.F33-1996]

Families and Aging. Edited by Linda Burton. Baywood Publishing Company, Inc. [HQ-1064-.U5-F278-1993]

Family Care and Medical Management for Jehovah's Witnesses. Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. [RM-171-.W36-1992]

Food and Culture in America: A Nutrition Handbook. Pamela Goyan Kittler and Kathryn Sucher. West/Wadsworth. [TX-357-.K58-1998]

The Four Skills of Cultural Diversity Competence: A Process for Understanding and Practice. Mikel Hogan. Thomson Brooks/Cole. [HM1211 .H64 2007]

Gender, Culture, and Ethnicity: Current Research About Women and Men. Letitia Anne Peplau, Sheri Chapman DeBro, Rosemary C. Veniegas, and Pamela L. Taylor. Mayfield Publishing Company. [HQ-1181-.U5-G45-1999]

Gestures: The Do's and Taboos of Body Language Around the World. Roger E. Axtell. John Wiley and Sons. [BF-637-.N66-A88-1991]

Guide to Culturally Competent Health Care.  Larry D. Purnell.  F. A. Davis Company.  [RA-418.5-.T73-P87-2009]

Guides to Heritage Assessment and Health Traditions. Rachel Spector. Prentice Hall Health. 2004. [Pamphlet #2095]

Handbook of Counseling and Psychotherapy with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients. Ruperto Perez, Kurt DeBord, and Kathleen Bieschke. American Psychological Association. [BF-637-.C6-H3125-2000]

Handbook of Multicultural Assessment. Edited by Lisa A. Suzuki, Joseph G. Ponterotto, and Paul J. Meller. Jossey-Bass. [BF-176-.H36-2001]

Handbook of Multicultural Counseling
. Edited by Joseph G. Ponterotto, J. Manuel Casas, Lisa A. Suzuki, and Charlene M. Alexander. Sage. [BF-637-.C6-H3174-2001]

Health and Medicine in the Islamic Tradition. Fazlur Rahman. Crossroad. [BP-166.72-.R35-1987]

Health Communications: A Multicultural Perspective. Edited by Snehendu B. Kar and Rina Alcalay with Shana Alex. Sage. [RA-423.2-.H42-2001]

Health Issues in the Black Community. Edited by Ronald L. Braithwaite and Sandra E. Taylor. Jossey-Bass. [RA-448.5-.N4-H395-2001]

The Healthcare Professional's Guide to Clinical Cultural Competence. Edited by Rani H. Srivastava. Mosby Elsevier. [RT86.54 .H43 2007x]

Healthy Places, Healthy People: A Handbook for Culturally Competent Community Nursing Practice. Melanie Dreher, Dolores Shapiro, and Micheline Asselin. Sigma Theta Tau International. [RT98 .D74 2006]

The Hmong in America: Providing Ethnic-Sensitive Health, Education, and Human Services. Kathleen M. McInnis, et al. Kendall/Hunt Publishing. [E-184-.H55-M55-1990]

The Hispanic-American Almanac; A Reference Work on Hispanics in the United States. Nicolas Kanellos. Gale Research Inc. [E-184-.S75-H557-1993]

Hispanic American Information Directory. 2nd edition. Gale Research, Inc. [E-184-.S75-S645-1992x]

Hispanic Voices: Hispanic Health Educators Speak Out
. Edited by Sara Torres. NLN Press. [RA-448.5-.H57-H574-1996]

Hmong in Minnesota. Chia Youyee Vang. Minnesota Historical Society Press. [F615.H55 V36 2008]

Honoring Differences: Cultural Issues in the Treatment of Trauma and Loss. Brunner/Mazel. [RC-552-.P67-H66-1999]

Honoring Patient Preferences: A Guide to Complying with Multicultural Patient Requirements. Edited by Anne Knights Rundle, Maria Carvalho, and Mary Robinson. Jossey-Bass. [RA-418.5-.T73-H65-1999]

How Different Religions View Death and Afterlife. Charles Press. [BL-504-.E53-1998]

Immigrant Women and Their Health. Afaf Ibrahim Meleis, et. al. Sigma Theta Tau International. [RA-448.5-.I44-M45-1998x]

Immigrant Women's Health: Problems and Solutions. Elizabeth Kramer, et. all, editors. Jossey-Bass. [RA-448.5-.I44-I44-1999]

Increasing Multicultural Understanding; A Comprehensive Model. Don C. Locke. SAGE Publications. [E-184-.A1-L63-1992]

Intercultural Competence: Interpersonal Communication Across Cultures. Myron W. Lustig and Jolene Koester. Addison Wesley Longman. [HM-258-.L87-1999]

Interpersonal Relationships; Professional Communication Skills for Nurses. 2nd edition. Elizabeth Arnold and Kathleen Boggs. W.B. Saunders Company. [RT-86.3-.A76-1995]

Islam: A Short History. Karen Armstrong. Modern Library. [BP-50-.A69-2000]

Islam Today: A Short Introduction to the Muslim World. Akbar Ahmed. I.B. Tauris Publishers. [BP-161.2-.A36-1999x]

Japan-think, Ameri-think: An Irreverent Guide to Understanding the Cultural Differences Between Us. Robert J. Collins. Penguin Books. [DS-822.5-.C65-1992]

Keepers of the Central Fire: Issues in Ecology for Indigenous Peoples. Lorelei Anne Lambert Colomeda. National League for Nursing. [RA-448.5-.I5-L36-1999]

Learning Disabilities. Edited by Bob Gates. 4th edition. Churchill Livingstone. [RD-570-.M376-2003]

Lesbian and Gay Youth: Care and Counseling. Caitlin Ryan and Donna Futterman. Columbia University Press. [RJ-101.3-.R9-1998]

Lesbian Health: Current Assessment and Directions for the Future. Institute of Medicine. [RA-564.87-.L46-1999]

Living with Grief: Who We Are How We Grieve
. Taylor & Francis. [BF-575-.G7-L59-1998x]

Managing Diversity and Inequality in Health Care. Edited by Carol Baxter. Bailliere Tindall. [RA-418.5-.T73-M35-2001x]

Managing Diversity in Health Care
. Lee Gardenswartz and Anita Rowe. Jossey-Bass. [RA-418.5-.T73-G37-1998]

Many Voices: Toward Caring Culture in Healthcare and Healing. Edited by Kathryn H. Kavanagh and Virginia Knowlden. The University of Wisconsin Press. [RT-86-.M367-2004]

Meeting the Health Needs of People Who Have a Learning Disability. Edited by Jeanette Thompson and Sharon Pickering. Bailliere Tindall. [RC-570.2-.M44-2001x]

The Middle of Everywhere: The World's Refugees Come to Our Town. Mary Pipher. Harcourt. [JV-6601-.P56-2002]

Multicultural Assessment: Principles, Applications, and Examples. Richard H. Dana. L. Erlbaum Associates. [RC473.P79 D363 2005]

Multicultural Awareness in the Health Care Professions. Maria C. Julia. Allyn and Bacon. [RA-418.5-.T73-M85-1996]

Multicultural Tool Kit: Moving Toward Cultural Competence. Oncology Nursing Society. 2001. [Pamphlet #2027]

Native Americans Information Directory. Gale Research, Inc. [E-77-.N37-1993x]

Nursing for a Multi-Ethnic Society. Open University Press. [RT-86.5-.G47-1996]

Nursing without Borders: Values, Wisdom, Success Markers. Edited by Sharon M. Weinstein and Ann Marie T. Brooks. Sigma Theta Tau International. [RT86.54 .N87 2007]

The Perfect Stranger's Guide to Funerals and Grieving Practices:  A Guide to Etiquette in Other People's Religious Ceremonies.  Edited by Stuart M. Matlins.  Skylight Paths Publishing.  [BJ-2071-.P47-2000]

Perspectives on Death and Dying: Cross-Cultural and Multi-disciplinary Views. Edited by Arthur Berger, Paul Badham, Austin H. Kutscher, Joyce Berger, Michael Perry, and John Beloff. The Charles Press. [HQ-1073-.P46-1989]

Pocket Guide to Cultural Assessment. Carolyn Erickson D'Avanso and Elaine M. Geissler. Mosby-Year Book, Inc. [RT-86.54-.G45-2003]

Pocket Guide to Minority Health Resources
. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 1996. [Pamphlet #354]

Primary Care of Native American Patients: Diagnosis, Therapy, and Epidemiology. James M. Galloway, Bruce W. Goldberg, Joseph S. Alpert. Butterworth-Heinemann. [RA448.5-.I5-P75-1999]

Primary Healthcare and South Asian Populations: Meeting the Challenges. Edited by Shahid Ali and Karl Atkin. Radcliffe Medical Press. [RA-563-.M56-P75-2004x]

The Process of Cultural Competence in the Delivery of Healthcare Services: The Journey Continues . Josepha Campinha-Bacote. Transcultural C.A.R.E.. [RA418.5T73 B33 2007x]

Promoting Cultural Competence In and Through Nursing Education
. American Academy of Nursing. [RT-73-.P76-1995x]

Promoting Cultural Diversity; Strategies for Health Care Professionals
. Kathryn Hopkins Kavanagh and Patricia H. Kennedy. SAGE Publications. [RA-418.5-.T73-K38-1992]

Promoting Health in Multicultural Populations: A Handbook for Practitioners
. Robert Huff and Michael Kline. Sage. [RA-448.4-.P76-1999]

Psychotherapy and Counseling With Asian American Clients: A Practical Guide
. George K. Hong and MaryAnna Domokos-Cheng Ham. Sage. [BF-637-.C6-H63-2001]

Race, Culture and Ethnicity in Secure Psychiatric Practice: Working with Difference. Jessica Kingsley Publishers. [RC-451.4-.P68-R33-2000]

Race, Ethnicity, and Health: A Public Health Reader. Edited by Thomas A. LaVeist. Jossey-Bass. [RA-563-.M56-R325-2002]

Readings and Resources in Transcultural Health Care and Mental Health. Josepha Campinha-Bacote. Transcultural C.A.R.E. Associates. [RA-418.5-.T73-C36-1998x]

Refugee and Immigrant Health:  A Handbook for Health Professionals.  Charles Kemp and Lance Rasbridge.  Cambridge.  [RA-418.5-.T73-K45-2004]

Religions, Culture and Healthcare: A Practical Handbook for Use in Healthcare Environments.
Susan Hollins. Radcliffe. [R725.55 .H65 2009x]

Russian Jewish Culture: A Profile in Minnesota. The Center for Cross-Cultural Health. 2001. [Pamphlet #1979]

Serving Minority Elders in the 21st Century. Springer. [HQ-1064-.U5-S469-1999]

Shamanic Healing and Ritual Drama: Health and Medicine in Native North American Religious Traditions. Ake Hultkrantz. Crossroad Herder. [E-98-.R3-H825-1992]

Social Work Practice with the Asian American Elderly. Edited by Namkee G. Choi. Haworth Social Work Practice Press. [HV-1461-.S568-2002]

The Soviet Jewish Americans. Annelise Orleck. Greenwood Press. [E-184-.J5-O68-1999]

Speaking of Health: Assessing Health Communication Strategies for Diverse Populations. Board of Neuroscience and Behavioral Health, Institute of Medicine. National Academies Press. [R-118-.I575-2002]

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, and the Collision of Two Cultures. Anne Fadiman. Farrar, Straus and Giroux. [RA-418.5-.T73-F33-1997]

Teaching Cultural Competence in Nursing and Health Care: Inquiry, Action, and Innovation. Marianne R. Jeffreys. Springer Pub. Co. [RT86.5 .J442 2006]

Teaching Transcultural Care; A Guide for Teachers of Nursing and Health Care. Paula McGee. Chapman & Hall. [RT-86.54-.M34-1992]

To Call It Home: The New Immigrants of Southwestern Minnesota. Joseph Amato. Crossings Press. [F-615-.A1-A63-1996]

Toward Culturally Competent Care: A Toolbox for Teaching Communication Strategies. Sunita Mutha, Carol Allen, and Melissa Welch. Center for the Health Professions, University of California. [RA-418.5-.T73-M87-2002x]

Transcultural Aspects of Perinatal Health Care: A Resource Guide.
Leonara al., Mary Ann Shah, editor-in-chief. National Perinatal Association. [RG-600-.T73-2002x]

Transcultural Communication in Health Care. Joan Luckmann. Delmar. [RA-418.5-.T73-L83-2000]

Transcultural Communication in Nursing. Cora Munoz and Joan Luckmann. Thomsen/Delmar Learning. [RT-23-.L83-2005]

Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care. Margaret M. Andrews and Joyceen S. Boyle. 4th edition. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. [RT-86.54-.A53-2003]

Transcultural Health Care: A Culturally Competent Approach. 3rd ed. Edited by Larry D. Purnell and Betty J. Paulanka. F.A. Davis. [RA418.5.T73 T73 2008]

Transcultural Nursing; A Book of Readings. Pamela J. Brink, editor. Waveland Press, Inc. [RT-42-.T7-1990x]

Transcultural Nursing: A Contemporary Imperative. Susan M. Dobson. Scutari Press. [RT-86.5-.D62-1991x]

Transcultural Nursing: Assessment and Intervention. Edited by Joyce Newman Giger and Ruth Elaine Davidhizar. Mosby Elsevier. [RT-86.54-.T73-2008]

Transcultural Nursing: Concepts, Theories, Research & Practices. Madeleine Leininger and Marilyn R. McFarland. McGraw-Hill. [RT-86.5-.L44-2002]

Understanding Arabs: A Guide for Westerners. Margaret K. Nydell. Revised Edition. Intercultural Press, Inc. [DS-36.77-.N93-1996]

Ukrainian Culture: A Brief Profile in Minnesota. The Center for Cross-Cultural Health. 2000. [Pamphlet #2022]

Understanding Cultural Diversity: Culture, Curriculum, and Community in Nursing. Mary Lebreck Kelley and Virginia Macken Fitzsimons. National League for Nursing. [R-737-.U55-2000]

Unequal Treatment: Confronting Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Healthcare. Edited by Brian D. Smedley, Adrienne Y. Stith, and Alan R. Nelson. The National Academies Press. [RA-563-.M56-U53-2003]

What Language Does Your Patient Hurt In? A Practical Guide to Culturally Competent Patient Care
. Suzanne Salimbene. Inter-Face International. [RA-418.5-.T73-S355-2000x]

When Parents Say No: Religious and Cultural Influences on Pediatric Healthcare Treatment. Luanne Linnard-Palmer. Sigma Theta Tau International. [RJ47 .L655 2006]

Working with Asian Americans: A Guide for Clinicians. Evelyn Lee. Guildford Press. [RC-451.5-.A75-W67-1997]

Working with Children from Culturally Diverse Backgrounds. M. Diane Klein. Delmar. [LB-1139.25-.K58-2001]

World Religions for Healthcare Professionals. Edited by Siroj Sorajjakool, et al.  Routledge. [BL65.M4 W67 2010]