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EndNote: Custom Styles, Filters and Connections

Using EndNote--Mayo Clinic's licensed bibliographic database manager

Custom Styles, Filters, and Connections

If you’re an EndNote power user, you may have created your own filters, styles, or connection files, or edited some of EndNote’s existing ones. In EndNote, instead of saving these files in the Program Files folder with the EndNote filters, styles, and connections built into the EndNote database, EndNote will store any of your custom creations in your personal folders. It’s a security measure designed to prevent updates to EndNote from overwriting any custom filters, styles, or connections you’ve made, plus a way for people without administrative privileges on their work computers to edit these files. The default storage places for Windows XP are:

C:\Documents and Settings\[LANID]\My Documents\EndNote\Styles
C:\Documents and Settings\[LANID]\My Documents\EndNote\Filters
C:\Documents and Settings\[LANID]\My Documents\EndNote\Connections

If you don’t want to have your changes stored there, you can go to Edit > Preferences > Folder Locations and choose a new spot. We suggest backing up any custom files you make as well.