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Stephen and Barbara Slaggie Family Cancer Education Center: Slaggie Family

The Slaggie Famiy

Mayo Clinic is honored to name the Cancer Education Center for the Slaggie family, whose relationship with Mayo began in 1947. For many years, Mr. and Mrs. Slaggie have referred relatives and friends to Mayo Clinic.

In 1967, Stephen Slaggie and four friends founded the Fastenal Company in Winona, Minnesota. Today, it is nationally recognized as one of the foremost distributors of industrial supplies in the United States.

Stephen and Barbara Slaggie, along with their four children, provide philanthropic leadership through the Slaggie Family Foundation. The foundation has a major commitment to education. As Mr. Slaggie explains:

When cancer strikes a family, there can be fear and uncertainty. Through the Cancer Education Center at Mayo Clinic, we know patients will receive information on the latest and most effective treatment. Most of all, we are certain every patient will find guidance, help and support.

Our family foundation has a strong commitment to education, particularly at the high school and college levels. By supporting Mayo, we are delighted to broaden our outreach to serve patients and families who are struggling with cancer.

We have experienced the Mayo Clinic Model of Care for many years. We know firsthand the importance of high-quality, compassionate care. We believe this center will help patients become aware of the many advances taking place in the fight against cancer.

Mayo Clinic expanded cancer research to its campuses in Jacksonville, Florida and Arizona, and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) recognized those efforts in 2002 by extending its Comprehensive Cancer Center designation to include all three sites. Mayo Clinic is the only NCI-designated cancer center with a national presence.

For patients on the Mayo Clinic campus in Rochester, Minnesota, the Stephen and Barbara Slaggie Family Cancer Education Center serves as a focal point of information and inspiration. The center helps empower patients to become active partners in their health care.