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How do I request journal articles?

There are three main ways to request journal articles from the library:

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How can I automatically complete article request forms?

You can automatically complete article request forms in several ways:

For single article requests:

  • Enter a unique identifier like a PMID or DOI for the article, then click the "Lookup Article" button.  The system will automatically complete the rest of the form. 
  • If you use the "Get It" button from within library databases, the request forms will be automatically filled out for you.
  • If you enter Journal Title and Article Title infromation into the form and click "Lookup Article", the system will try to find a matching article and complete the form.

For multi-article requests:

  • You can upload lists of files in many formats, including PMID lists, EndNote XML, and RIS. 


How do I copy multiple citations from PubMed into the Request Articles form?

To copy multiple citations from PubMed into the Document Delivery system:

  1. Select desired articles in PubMed by using the checkbox to the left of citation. If citations are on multiple pages, use the "Next" link at the top and bottom of search results. 
  2. When you have selected all of the articles you want, click the "Send to" dropdown at the top of the page. Select "File" and then select "PMID List" in the format dropdown.  
  3. Click the "Create File" button.  Save this file to your desktop. 
  4. Go to the library homepage. Click the "Request Material" link under the Services bar in the center of the page. 
  5. Select the green "Multiple Articles Request" button. Then use the blue "Select File" button to browse to the file you saved in Step 3. 
  6. Click the green "Upload File" button.  The form will display a list of articles it recognizes in the file. 
  7. Ensure that the files listed on the screen are the ones you want to order. Enter any special instructions or notes in the field at the bottom of the page. 
  8. Click the green "Request X Selected Articles" button to submit your request to the Document Delivery system. 

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