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Ovid Databases: Using Ovid with EndNote

How do I download citations from Ovid for use in EndNote?


Direct Export

Ovid allows direct export of search results from its databases. Rather than formatting search results in Reprint Format, and then saving or emailing the results for later import into EndNote (see below), it can be done in one step. NOTE: Some workstations (especially EEDs) will not allow Direct Export.

Exporting is also available for results from the Web of Science, Scopus, and many other library databases.

Steps to Export

Direct Export requires that a target database (or Library) already exist in EndNote. Prior to exporting, open EndNote and the Library into which you wish to Export citations.

  1. Search Ovid
  2. Search one database only; do not use multi-database option.
  3. In the top bar of the search results, select the Export icon:

In the pop-up Export Citation List box:

  1. Select EndNote from the Export to drop-down menu
  2. Select Complete Reference or another option from Select Fields to Display. "Citation (Title,Author,Source)" is a full biblographic reference. "Complete Reference" includes all information except the full text (if it is a full text document).
  3. Click on Export

The citations will automatically be imported into your open Library.


How do I download citations from Ovid for use in EndNote?


Citations can be imported in to EndNote from Ovid if direct exporting doesn't work. 

Follow the same steps as above, except instead of selecting EndNote from the Export to menu, select Reprint/Medlars.


  1. If you want to include your search strategy with the output, click the "Include Search History" checkbox. 
  2. Click on Export Citation(s).
  3. Save the citations to a file on your workstation or home drive

To import the saved file in to EndNote:

  1. Open EndNote

  2. To create a new reference Library, under "File", select "New". Name the file. EndNote will automatically add the extension .enl. Once the file is created, you "Open" the existing file. Or, open an existing Library.

  3. Under "File", select "Import."

  4. When the "Import" window opens, click on Choose File button. Browse to the drive, directory or folder, and file name of the file which was downloaded. Double click on the file name; it will insert it into the box next to "Choose File".

  5. The Import Option identifies the vendor and format of the downloaded file.

    Click on  "Other Filters", and select "MEDLINE (OvidSP)". Under Duplicates you can choose to Import All, Discard Duplicates, or Save in Duplicates Library.

  6. Click on Import button.

  7. If you have forgotten to select the filter, another window will appear asking for the Filter file.

  8. A window will display the progress of the import. After it is completed, the reference will be listed in the Library.
    Common Problems:
    • Nothing was imported. Check that you have selected the correct Filter.
    • Verify that the correct export option was used to download the references. Reprint/Medlars must be used.