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Ovid Databases: Linking to Articles in Ovid

How do I link to articles in Ovid?

Click on Ovid Full Text


When viewing the HTML version of the article: 

  1. Find email jumpstart (at the top right side of the article)
  2. Click on Email Jumpstart, and copy the URL in the email message.
  3. Paste into the URL into the webpage or document.
  4. Place cursor to the right of the last character of the URL, and hit Enter.

Email Jump

Persistent (the good kind) links for Ovid's articles appear as

Links for “OVID Full Text” book chapters:

While the book chapters URLs are more complex, the URL is available as Email Jumpstart.

Both types of Ovid content require the opening of the article or chapter, then clicking on Email Jumpstart.

Note: Do not capture the URL for the article's PDF - this yields a session link which will expire within 24 hours. You can recognize a session link by the long string of nonsense letters and numbers.

“Full Text SFX” button

Each publisher/aggregator is different. Call a librarian for assistance with linking.