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Copyright Compliance in Mayo Student Coursework and Staff-Development: Step 3: Getting Permission

To assist Education Staff and Faculty avoid copyright infringement in their support of Mayo's Education mission.

When should I ask permission?

Request permission for using materials at least three months before the class start date.

Why Get Permission?

If there is an inquiry about an infringement from either internal or external parties, a record of permission from the copyright holder will be useful to show that infringement did not occur.

Asking for Permission

Ask for permission of copyright holders at least three months before the beginning of class, and when the "Fair Use" balance test tips toward "Asking Permission".

Copyright holders often grant a fee-waiver or fee-reduction for not-for-profit educational use (i.e., Mayo's status when providing student education, including Mayo's School of Continuous Professional Development and Mayo staff development).  Therefore, when completing the permission request form, be sure to indicate that the insitution is not-for-profit education insitution. 

Identify the Copyright Holder

Books:  The copyright holder is listed after the copyright statement on the back of the first page of the book (i.e., verso). 
Example - Copyright (c) 2007 HBS Press  shows that that HBS Press holds the copyright.   
Articles - The copyright statement is identified on the first page of each article.  
Example - Copyright (c) 2011 Taylor and Francis, LLC, shows that Taylor and Francis holds the copyright.
 The copyright holder may be a publisher, a professional society, or a person.  If the copyright holder is Mayo Clinic then see the "Mayo Clinic" instructions below.

Locate Instructions for the Copyright Holder

Once the copyright holder's webpage is found, look for a link that says "Permissions" or "Rights" or similar topic.

Follow the instructions provided under the "Permissions" or "Rights" link.Increasingly copyright holders outsource their permissions work to the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC).

Be sure to indicate this is for educational use at a not-for-profit college of medicine.

Be ready to respond to many questions:

  • that usage is for students or staff at a not-for-profit school (or not-for-profit institution if not for Education Dept)
  • the specific article, book chapter, edition, etc.
  • the specific ways you seek to provide the material (PDF? paper copy? Blackboard,Flash drive, etc.,)?
  • the specific number ofstudents expected to use the material?
  • how will you pay for permissions? (e.g., credit card or Purchase Order)
  • specific semester start and end date
  • specific course name
  • specific dates of usage
  • specific instructor name

When Mayo is the copyright holder

  • Select the button that you are the "author" as Mayo is considered the "author" of Mayo copyright material.

Obtaining Materials After Permission is Granted

Sometimes permission to use the material for distribution is granted but the permission may not provide you with the text. To obtain needed text, please contact the Library (Erica Ross or Joyce McFadden) or purchase the material from an external source such as Mayo Clinic Bookstore,, or the publisher.

Mayo Support of Permissions

The Section of Scientific Publications provides Form Letters for reuse of journal articles, book chapters, and books. These forms are especially useful if the copyright holder does not have a Permssions page on their website.

Mayo Office of Medical Industrial Relations