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Fun is Good: How to Create Joy & Passion in Your Workplace & Career. [7 audio CDs]. 7 hours. Rodale: Emmaus, PA. By Mike Veeck & Pete Williams. (unabridged version) HF5549.5.H85 2006

Synopsis: In Fun Is Good, maverick marketing whiz Mike Veeck presents his simple, no-fail formula for business success: Make work fun and you'll create a culture of creativity where the best people will want to work and customers will want to spend their money. At the heart of the philosophy is the need to reexamine the way we do business, from employer-employee relationships to customer service. The Fun Is Good philosophy not only has worked to make enjoyable evenings for everyone at his ballparks-full of laughs, zany promotions, and free giveaways-but it has also transformed a half-dozen money-losing or start-up teams into thriving $25 million businesses.

Inspirational Comedy: Life Is Change. 61 minutes. Mayo Clinic. [DVD228]
Note: Presented October 30, 2006 by Judson Laipply to the Rochester Finance Department; Mayo Clinic use only

Synopsis: Describes the benefits of laughter. Uses humor to point out that life is full of change, that enjoyment of life is influenced by the choices we make and by how we choose to cope with the things we can't control. Conludes with a demonstration of the evolution of dance.

Laugh Until It Almost Hurts. Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre. [2 DVDs]. 115 minutes. [DVD470]
Note: Presented February 5, 2008; Mayo Clinic use only

Synopsis: Humorous skits and improvisations on medical and general themes.


The Levity Effect: Why It Pays to Lighten Up. [5 audio CDs]. 5.5 hours. Blackstone Audio: Ashland, OR. By Adrian Gostick and Scott Christopher. (unabridged version) HF5549.5.H85 G67 2008b

Synopsis: An in-depth examination of the power of humor and fun in the business world, based on groundbreaking research of 1 million employees by The Great Place to Work Institute. The Levity Effect uses serious science to reveal the remarkable power of humor and fun in business: that leaders who are lighthearted earn more on average than their peers; that entertaining workplaces have more loyal employees and customers; and that employees who are considered humorous are vastly more likely to get promoted.


Live Out Loud: The Secret Skills of Living Life to the Fullest. [1 DVD (70 minutes) or 1 audio CD (79 minutes)]. Amanda Gore.
DVD524, HD69.T54 .L58 2004x

Synopsis: This humorous presentation encourages listeners to build healthy relationships, be positive, let go of things that can't be changed, encourage others, laugh, and love life.

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