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Behavioral/Competency Based Interviewing: Media

Use this guide to find library books and other resources on behavior-based interviewing.

Videos in the library

More than a gut feeling IV [videorecording] behavior-based interviewing. A 28-minute program. Media Learning International. 2013.

Synopsis: Shows interviewers how to make the right hiring decisions, based on the behavior-based interviewing strategy developed by Paul C. Green, Ph.D. This approach is behavioral because of its emphasis on getting specific examples of what a person has done in order to predict what that person will do.

More Than a Gut Feeling III. A 32-minute video program with a guide. American Media. 2000.

Synopsis: Explains why it is important to make selection decisions based on facts and information, not on a gut feeling; outline a logical, structured interview with preplanned interview questions; explain why some questions cannot be legally asked in the interview process; identify the importance of developing an interview plan based on thorough knowledge of the job.

Preparing for Your Behavioral Interview {Alternate title: Using the Past to Build your Future : How to Make an Impact in a Behavioral Job Interview.}. [1 DVD with guide]. 26 minutes. Novations. 2008. 

Synopsis: Describes the key elements of a behavioral job interview and how to prepare for the interview.


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