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Customer Service: Media

This guide contains article citations, books collected by Colonial Library Services and multimedia resources related to improving customer service and patient satisfaction.

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Audio CDs & DVDs

Customer Service: The Royal Treatment. [1 DVD with guide]. 19 minutes. Coastal AMI. [DVD586]

Synopsis: This training program covers the rules of exceptional customer service (recognize and acknowledge, offer assistance, yes we can attitude, agree on a solution, leave them in awe) and demonstrates to employees how easy it can be to make guests feel like royalty.

It's A Dog's World (revised edition). [1 DVD]. 15 minutes. CRM Learning. [DVD527]

Synopsis: This video demonstrates the subtle differences between quality patient service and being treated "worse than a dog." It follows a man and his dog, both of whom are injured, through their respective medical treatments. It demonstrates the vast contrasts between disastrous and delightful patient service.

Fish!: Catch the Energy, Release the Potential! A 17-minute video with guide. Charthouse International Learning Corporation. 1998. [DVD515]

Synopsis: Shows employees how to generate the energy needed for a high morale work environment. Highlights four main concepts: play, make their day, be there, choose your attitude. FISH! also portrays the playful atmosphere necessary for creativity to flourish.

Fun Is Good. 14-minute DVD and guide with CD-ROM. 2004. [DVD 011]

Note: The CD-ROM in the Leader's Guide contains a PowerPoint presentation and video transcript.
Synopsis: An inspirational training program that helps participants understand the importance of making work fun, featuring the St. Paul Saints minor league baseball team. Emphasizes the significance of utilizing a positive attitude and finding passion at work. Key concepts: discover your passion, bring a positive attitude, show people you care.

Give 'Em the Pickle. A 18-minute video program with guide. Media Partners Corporation. 2002. [DVD536]

Synopsis: Discusses the secret to a successful business, which is doing those special or extra things ("pickles") to make customers happy. Outlines the four principles that will help ensure your customers keep coming back: service, attitude, consistency, and teamwork.

Johnny the Bagger: A True Story of Customer Service. [DVD with guide]. 17 minutes. VisionPoint: Des Moines, IA. Based on the work of Barbara Glanz. [DVD434 2007]

Synopsis: Features the true story of "Johnny" who made a positive choice about his personal responsibility to provide from-the-heart service to his grocery store customers and changed the culture of an entire organization.

Just Incredible!: A Customer Service Story. A 25-minute video program with guide. 2nd ed. American Media. 20066. [DVD597]

Synopsis: Helps employees see themselves as customers see them; models the right and wrong way to deliver customer service; demonstrates the negative effects of customer service; discusses how an employee's behavior can make or break a customer's impression of the company.

Mad about Customer Service. [1 DVD]. 15 minutes. CRM Learning. [DVD514]

Synopsis: Describes customer service techniques that can turn a bad situation into an opportunity for increased customer loyalty.

Service Essentials.  Part 1:  Patient Centered & Employee Driven.  [1 DVD].  Rochester, MN:  Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 2004.  13 minutes. [DVD 012]

Synopsis:  Demonstrates that positive, caring physician-patient relations and teamwork are essential to providing good service. A transplant patient at Mayo-Jacksonville benefits from the personal treatment he receives from a caring physician. A surgeon at Mayo-Rochester realizes the challenges faced by hospital staff and begins to work with them as a team which benefits the patients, the staff, and the physician.

The Telephone Doctor: Customer Service Training. [18 DVD set with guides]. Telephone Doctor. [DVD599 v.1-18]

[v.] 1. The service mentality (23 min.) -- [v.] 2. Determining caller needs: listening skills & questioning techniques (25 min.) -- [v.] 3. From curt to courteous: the 7 touch points of communication (23 min.) -- [v.] 4. Four Cs of coaching skills (25 min.) -- [v.] 5. Five forbidden phrases (18 min.) -- [v.] 6. Six cardinal rules of customer service (20 min.) -- [v.] 7. Telesales tips from A to Z (33 min.) -- [v.] 8. Proactive customer service (19 min.) -- [v.] 9. Basic basic telephone skills (21 min.) -- [v.] 10. Six steps to service recovery: fix the problem, manage their feelings (24 min.) -- [v.] 11. Seven keys to a positive mental attitude (14 min.) -- [v]. 12. How to avoid emotional leakage (7 min.) -- [v.] 13. Influencing the interaction (21 min.) -- [v.] 14. How to handle the irate customer (12 min.) -- [v.] 15. Essential elements of internal customer service (18 min.) -- [v.] 16. How to deal with the foreign accent (12 min.) -- [v.] 17. That's just rude!: exploring the rudeness matrix (14 min.) -- [v]. 18. Maintaining customer relationships (15 min.).

What’s Your Pickle? [1 DVD with guide]. 17 minutes. Media Partners: Seattle, WA. With Bob Farrell. [DVD451 2007]

Synopsis: Bob Farrell goes on the road to hear about the "pickles" (special or extra things) businesses are offering to make customers happy. Reviews the four principles that will help ensure that your customers keep coming back: service, attitude, consistency, and teamwork.

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