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Diversity at Work: Media

Use this guide to find library resources related to the various aspects of diversity at work.

Newer Videos & Audiobooks


Another Look: Defining Respect in Healthcare. A 23 minute DVD. VisionPoint. 2006. [DVD0205 2006]

Synopsis: "Healthcare organizations care for patients from every walk of life. Providing quality healthcare begins with recognizing that each patient has diverse beliefs, experiences, and needs, and wants to be treated with respect and understanding. This program ... will create an awareness of why and how differences--experiences, mindsets, and biases--impact interactions with patients and coworkers. The program will also introduce participants to the four-step C.A.R.E. model, a common sense approach for effectively resolving situations caused by hidden differences."

Drop by Drop. [1 DVD with guide]. 20 minutes. Coastal Training Technologies Corp. 2008. [DVD582]

Synopsis: "Drop by Drop demonstrates how the small slights, subtle discriminations and tiny injustices can add up to big problems in your workplace! These little negative gestures are called micro-inequities and they occur in organizations every day. These small communications of disrespect, prejudice and inequality arent overt, but they can be incredibly destructive. A poison in the workplace that isnt delivered in a bucket, but takes its toll drop by drop!"--Producer.

The platinum rule : powerful people skills for building long-term relationships. [1 DVD]. 65 minutes. With Tony Alessandra. 2004. [HM132 .A43 2004x]

Synopsis: Dr. Tony Alessandra delivers a live program in front of several hundred business people in a Detroit theatre. You can learn how to gain instant rapport and get along with nearly anybody you meet no matter who they are.

Wealth, Innovation, and Diversity: Putting Our Differences to Work in the 21st Century. A 31-minute video with guide. Distributed by Star Thrower. 2000. With: Joel Barker. [DVD354]

Synopsis: Takes you on a journey around the world to understand a fundamental truth: without diversity, there can be no innovation. Without innovation, there can be no new wealth. Therefore, diversity is the key to creating wealth for all. Joel Barker contends that an organization will experience long-lasting success only when it reaps the benefits of diversity by collaborating with individuals and enterprises that are different from itself.

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