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Teams and Teamwork: Media

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Communication Intelligence: Being Assertive. [1 DVD with guide]. CRM Learning, 2002. 23 minutes. [DVD598 2002]

Synopsis: Assertiveness is defined as the ability to express yourself openly and honestly without denying the rights of others. This video shares the how-tos of assertive communication and identifies other common communication styles that can cause difficulties in the workplace.

Empowering Your Team. [1 audio CD]. 63 minutes. Heim Group: Pacific Palisades, CA. HD66 .E46 2001xBy Pat Heim. 

Synopsis: Discusses how groups develop into teams, barriers that work teams may encounter, when and how teams become cohesive, the importance of conflict in group development, and how much direction a leader should give the team.

Fish!: Catch the Energy, Release the Potential! A 17-minute video program, 1998. Charthouse Internatonal Learning Corporation. [DVD515]

Synopsis: Shows employees how to generate the energy needed for a high morale work environment. Highlights four main concepts: play, make their day, be there, choose your attitude. FISH! also portrays the playful atmosphere necessary for creativity to flourish.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. [1 DVD with guide]. 40 minutes. Table Group, Inc. With: Patrick M. Lencioni. [DVD739]

Synopsis: In The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Video Presentation you will hear from best-selling author, Patrick Lencioni. Lencioni examines the model, shares captivating examples from his own career and consulting experience, and provides practical advice for overcoming the Five Dysfunctions.

Fun Is Good. A 14-minute video, a 14-minute DVD, and guide with CD-ROM, 2004. CRM Learning. [DVD 011]

Note: The CD-ROM in the Leader’s Guide contains a PowerPoint presentation and video transcript.
Synopsis: An inspirational training program that helps participants understand the importance of making work fun, featuring the St. Paul Saints minor league baseball team. Emphasizes the significance of utilizing a positive attitude and finding passion at work. Key concepts: discover your passion, bring a positive attitude, show people you care

Great Minds on Teamwork. [1 DVD]. 3 minutes. TrainingABC, 2006. [DVD704]

Synopsis: "Inspiring quotes from some of history's greatest minds set to dramatic music and coupled with classic footage."

Little Things Mean a Lot: From Microinquities to Micro-affirmations. [1 DVD]. 25 minutes. With Brigid Moynahan. The Next Level Inc. 2008. [DVD701]

Synopsis: "The "little things" are behaviors we all use, intentionally and unintentionally. They can make our organization highly productive or erode it of its power, productivity and creativity. This program shows how the ways we value (micro-affirmations) and devalue (microinequities) our colleagues have a profound impact on our workplace and its effectiveness."

One for All: Teamwork the Meerkat Way! [1 DVD with guide]. 11 minutes. Coastal Training Technologies Corp., c2006. [DVD587 2006]

Synopsis: The meerkats who live in the Kalahari Desert demonstrate the team oriented behaviors of cooperation, respect, accountability, communication, and learning from each other.

The platinum rule : powerful people skills for building long-term relationships. [1 DVD]. 65 minutes. With Tony Alessandra. 2004. [HM132 .A43 2004x]

Synopsis: Dr. Tony Alessandra delivers a live program in front of several hundred business people in a Detroit theatre. You can learn how to gain instant rapport and get along with nearly anybody you meet no matter who they are.

The Power of Team Work: Inspired by the Blue Angels. [DVD included with book]. Naperville, IL: SimpleTruths, 2006. 3.5 minutes. [HD66 .B43 2006x]

Synopsis: Get your team ready for peak performance when you apply the nine principles of teamwork used by the Blue Angels. No pilot license needed - each principle ties back to what it means to your company and your team.

Twelve Angry Men: Teams that Don't Quit. With Margaret Wheatley. 25 minutes. Advanced Knowledge. [DVD678]

Synopsis: Highlights five concepts that are relevant to how groups make decisions: leaders encourage inquiry, vigorous pursuit of decisions, conflict serves the group process, benefit of varying backgrounds, effective decisions result from different perspectives.