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Work/Life Balance: Media

Books, articles, videos and more for anyone dealing with work/life issues.

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Calm Effectiveness: Excelling During Challenging Times.  [DVD with guide]. Des Moines, IA: Vivid Edge Productions, c2003. 24 minutes. With Robert Cooper. [DVD0156 2003]

Synopsis: Explains how to rise above pressure in the workplace and focus on priorities by applying a skill set for doubling energy and attentiveness, mastering stress with the instant calming sequence, and creating work-life balance.


Celebrate what's right with the world. [DVD with guide]. With Dewitt Jones. 22 minutes. Star Thrower Distribution Corp. [DVD675 2007]

Dewitt Jones, photographer for National Geographic, shares his attitude toward life and the world. He describes principles that help us recognize the possibilities and find solutions for many of the challenges before us.

Gifts from the Mountain: Simple Truths for Life's Complexities. Eileen McDargh. [1 DVD]. 14 minutes. Star Thrower. [DVD737]

Synopsis: "We live in a non-stop world where the demands of a hectic life force us to move faster and faster. Join author Eileen McDargh in Gifts from the Mountain, ... , where she discusses six fundamental truths to help us deal with life's complexitites. We all climb some kind of mountain every day. By slowing down and considering our surroundings, we can better appreciate the journey, and lead more productive, positive, and purposeful life"--Container.

Happy, Healthy, High Performers : Thriving at Work and Home.[1 DVD]. With Wayne Sotile. 43 minutes. Realtalk, Inc. [DVD513]

Synopsis: Combines Cajun humor with practical advice in this live audience presentation on how to experience happiness in a high performance environment. Encourages the audience to take personal responsibility for happiness, counter hassles by focusing on uplifts, maintain caring connections and create safe spaces for others, rethink balance, and measure achievements with realistic expectations.

Letting go of what's holding you back. [1DVD]. Rochester, Minn. : Mayo Clinic, c2008. (67 min.) With Wayne M. Sotile. Presented March 19, 2008. [BF575.H27 L38 2008x]

Summary: Describes the effects of happiness on health, career satisfaction, and home life. Encourages engaging in life and work by countering the hassles with uplifts, protecting happiness, creating safe spaces for others, rethinking balance, and recognizing the value of what you and co-workers are doing.


Live Out Loud : The Secret Skills of Living Life to the Fullest. [1 DVD]. Amanda Gore. 70 minutes. [DVD524 2004]

This humorous presentation encourages listeners to build healthy relationships, be positive, let go of things that can't be changed, encourage others, laugh, and love life.

Overcoming Overload: The Role of Margin in Professional Well-Being. [DVD with guide]. Rochester, MN. : Mayo Clinic, c2006. 84 minutes. Discoveries Management Series. With Richard Swensen. Presented December 20, 2006. [BF575.S75 O837 2006x]

Synopsis: Discusses factors that are causing overload in our personal and professional lives; offers suggestions on how to restore margins/balance to work/life.


The Silent Anguish of the Healer : Work-Life Balance and the Book of Past, Present, and Future. [1 DVD]. 73 minutes. Mayo Clinic Department of Nursing. Rochester, MN. With: Gregory Poland. Presented November 20, 2007. [DVD386 2007]

Summary A presentation of quotes accompanied by artistic images sets the stage for the discussion which follows on work-life balance, nurse/physcian well-being, the condition of the modern day workplace where human limits are being reached in regard to productivity and stress. Describes the components of balance, the responsibility of the organization and the individual in finding balance, and how to begin to make that happen.


30 ways to make more time. [1 DVD]. 26 minutes. With James Nesbitt. Produced by Daybreak Pictures for Video Arts. [DVD602 2008]

Offers thirty practical tips on effective time management in the office or work place.


Take This Job and Love It!: A Program for Managing Stress, Preventing Burnout, and Balancing Life. [1 DVD]. 58 minutes. Mayo Clinic Medical Grand Rounds presentation from 12/12/07. With Alan Zimmerman. [DVD391 2007]

Synopsis: Emphasizes the importance of having a positive attitude; outlines strategies to manage stress by creating balance in all dimensions of life: physical, recreational, financial, occupational, relational, mental, emotional, and spiritual.