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Nurse Practitioners: Books

Library books, journals, and other resources relating to nurse practitioners.

Newer Books in the Library

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Other Books in the Library

The Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. Barbara J. Daly. Springer. [RT-120-.I5-A338-1997]

Acute Medicine : A Handbook for Nurse Practitioners. Lisa Carroll. John Wiley & Sons. [RT82.8 .C37 2007]


Advanced Assessment: Interpreting Findings and Formulating Differential Diagnoses. Edited by Mary Jo Goolsby and Laurie Grubbs. F.A. Davis Co. [RC71.5 .A345 2006]

Advanced Community Health Nursing Practice. Naomi E. Ervin. Prentice Hall. [RT-98-.E785-2002]

Advanced Health Assessment & Clinical Diagnosis in Primary Care. Joyce E. Dains, Linda Ciofu Baumann, and Pamela Scheibel. Mosby. [RC-71.5-.D35-2003]

Advanced Nursing Practice. Edited by Paula McGee and George Castledine. 2nd edition. Blackwell. [RT-82.8-.A365-2003]

Advanced Nursing Practice. Gary Rolfe and Paul Fulbrook. Butterworth-Heinemann. [RT-82.8-.A3845-1998]

Advanced Nursing Practice: An Integrative Approach. Ann B. Hamric, Judith A. Spross and Charlene M. Hanson. W.B Saunders Company. [RT-82.8-.A384-2000]

The Advanced Practice Nurse's Legal Handbook. Rebecca F. Cady. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. [RT-86.7-.C33-2003]

Advanced Practice Nursing: Changing Roles and Clinical Applications. Lippincott. [RT-82.8-.A385-2000]

Advanced Practice Nursing: Core Concepts for Professional Role Development. Edited by Michaelene P. Jansen and Mary Zwygart-Stauffacher. Springer. [RT82.8 .A49 2010]

Advanced Practice Nursing: An Integrative Approach. Ann B. Hamric, Judith A. Spross, and Charlene M. Hanson. Elsevier Saunders. [RT-82.8-.H355-2005]

Advanced Practice Nursing: Essentials for Role Development. 2nd ed. Edited by Lucille A. Joel. F. A. Davis. [RT-82.8-.J64-2009]

Advanced Practice Nursing: A Guide to Professional Development. Mariah Snyder and Michaelene P. Mirr. Springer. [RT-82.8-.A49-1995]

Advanced Practice Nursing: Emphasizing Common Roles. Edited by Joan M. Stanley.  2nd edition. F.A. Davis Company. [RT-82.8-.A37-2005]

The Advanced Practice Nurse: Issues for the New Millennium. Joellen Hawkins and Janice Thibodeau. Tiresias Press. [RT-84.5-.H39-2000]

Advanced Practice Nursing in Psychiatric and Mental Health Care. Mosby. [RC-440-.A3365-1999]

Advanced Practice Nursing in the Community. Carl O. Helvie. Sage. [RT-98-.A37-1998]

The Advanced Practitioner: Current Practice Issues. Joellen W. Hawkins and Janice A. Thibodeau. Tiresias Press. [RT-86.7-.H39-1993]

Ambulatory Care Procedures for the Nurse Practitioner. Margaret R. Colyer and Cynthia Ehrhardt. 2nd edition. F.A Davis Company. [RT-82.8-.C64-2004]

Business Concepts for Healthcare Providers: A Quick Reference for Midwives, NPs, PAs, CNSs and Other Disruptive Innovators. Joan Slager. Jones and Bartlett. [RA-413-.S535-2004]

The Caring Imperative in Education. Edited by Madeleine Leininger. Publication No. 41-2308. National League for Nursing Publications Center for Human Caring. [RT-73.C32-1990]

Clinical Judgment and Communication in Nurse Practitioner Practice. Susan K. Chase. F. A. Davis. [RT-82.8-.C485-2004]

The Clinical Nurse Specialist Handbook. Edited by Patti Rager Zuzelo. Jones and Bartlett Publishers. [RT82.8 .C5554 2007]

The Clinical Nurse Specialist: Perspectives on Practice. Edited by Shirley W. Menard. John Wiley & Sons. [RT-82.8-.C575-1987]

Critical Practice Management Strategies for Nurse Practitioners: A Guide to Business Principles and Practices in Primary Care Practice. Susan Sportsman and Linda Hawley. American Nurses Publishing. [RT-82.8-.S665-2002]

Clinical Research: Concepts and Principles for Advanced Practice Nurses. Manfred Stommel and Celia E. Wills. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. [RT-81.5-.S86-2004]

Educating Advanced Practice Nurses and Midwives: From Practice to Teaching. Joyce E. Thompson, Rose M. Kershbaumer, and Mary Ann Krisman-Scott. Springer. [RT-82.8-.T475-2001]

The Essentials of Master's Education for Advanced Practice Nursing. American Association of Colleges of Nursing. AACN.  1996. [Pamphlet #875]

Family Health: A Framework for Nursing. Sharon Denham. F. A. Davis. [RT-82.8-.D46-2003]

Family Nurse Practitioner Certification: Intensive Review. Maria T. Codina Leik. Springer Pub. [RT82.8 .C63 2008]

Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Prep Exams. Amelie Hollier and Mari J. Wirfs. Advanced Practice Education Associates. [RT-120-.F34-H655-2004x]

Gerontological Protocols for Nurse Practitioners. Lippincott. [RC-954-.B76-1999]

Guidelines for Nurse Practitioners in Gynecologic Settings. 9th ed. Joellen W. Hawkins, Diane M. Roberto-Nichols, and J. Lynn Stanley-Haney. Springer. [RG-105-.H368-2008]

How to Start an Independent Practice: The Nurse Practitioner's Guide to Success. Carolyn R. Zaumeyer. F. A. Davis. [RT-86.7-.Z38-2003]

International Council of Nurses: Advanced Nursing Practice. Madrean Schober and Fadwa A. Affara. Blackwell Pub. [ RT82.8 .S25 2006]

Issues in Graduate Nursing Education. Publication No. 18-2196. National League for Nursing. [RT-79-.I87-1987]

Making Room in the Clinic: Nurse Practitioners and the Evolution of Modern Health Care. Julie Fairman. Rutgers University Press. [RT82.8 .F35 2008]

Management Guidelines for Adult Nurse Practitioners. Lynne M. Hektor Dunphy. F.A. Davis Company. [RT-82.8-.M33-1999]

Management Guidelines for Nurse Practitioners Working in Family Practice. Alice Running and Amy Berndt. F. A. Davis. [RT-120-.F34-M36-2003]

Management Guidelines for Nurse Practitioners Working with Adults. Lynn M. Hektor Dunphy. F. A. Davis. [RT-82.8-.M33-2004]

Management Guidelines for Nurse Practitioners Working with Children and Adolescents. Nancy Herban Hill and Linda M. Sullivan. F. A. Davis. [RJ-245-.H55-2004]

Management Guidelines for Nurse Practitioners Working with Older Adults. Laurie Kennedy Malone, Kathleen Ryan Fletcher, and Lori Martin Plank. F. A. Davis. [RC-954-.M356-2004]

Management Guidelines for Nurse Practitioners Working with Women. Kathleen M. Pellitier Brown. F. A. Davis. [RG-105-.P44-2004]

Management Guidelines for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. Nancy Hill and Linda Sullivan. F.A. Davis Company. [RJ-245-.H55-1999]

Management Guidelines for Women's Health Nurse Practitioners. Kathleen Brown. F.A. Davis. [RT-82.8-.B75-1999]

Managing Your Practice: A Guide for Advanced Practice Nurses. Edited by Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, Ann Glasgow, and Jane N. Young. Springer. [RT-86.7-.M36-2003]

The Master's Degree with a Specialty in Advanced Practice Oncology Nursing. Edited by Linda A. Jacobs. 4th edition. Oncology Nursing Society, 2003. [Pamphlet #2084]

A Meta-Analysis of Process of Care, Clinical Outcomes, and Cost Effectiveness of Nurses in Primary Care Roles: Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives. American Nurses Association. 1993. [Pamphlet #1045]

Nurse Practitioners: A Review of the Literature 1965-1982. Edited by Barbara H. Dunn and Marilyn A. Chard. Publication No. NP-62. American Nurses Association Publications. 1983. [Pamphlet #1043]

Nurse Practitioners and Certified Nurse-Midwives: A Meta-Analysis of Studies on Nurses in Primary Care Roles. By Sharon A. Brown and Deanna E. Grimes. Publication No. NP-85. American Nurses Association Publications. [RT-82.8-.B76-1993]

Nurse Practitioner's Business Practice and Legal Guide. Carolyn Buppert. Jones and Bartlett. [RT-86.73-.B87-2004]

Nurse Practitioners: Clinical Skills and Professional Issues
. Mike Walsh, Butterworth-Heinemann. [RT-82.8-.N864-1999]

Nurse Practitioners: Developing the Role in Hospital Settings. Shirley Reveley, Mike Walsh, and Alison Crumbie. Butterworth-Heinemann. [RT-82.8-.N87-2001]

Nurse Practitioners: The Evolution and Future of Advanced Practice. 5th ed. Edited by Eileen M Sullivan-Marx, et al. Springer. [RT-82.8-.N884-2010]

Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Certified Nurse-Midwives: A Policy Analysis. U.S. Congress. Office of Technology Assessment. Publication No. NP-76. American Nurses Association Publications. 1986.  [Pamphlet #1041]

Nurses, Nurse Practitioners: Evolution to Advanced Practice. Edited by Mathy D. Mezey and Diane O. McGivern. Springer Publishing Company. [RT-82.8-.N884-1999]

Nursing Centers: Meeting the Demand for Quality Health Care. Publication No. 21-2311. National League for Nursing Publications. [RT-86.73-.N85-1989x]

Nursing Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Advanced Practice. Pamela J. Grace. Jones and Bartlett Publishers.[RT85 .G73 2009]

Nursing, Medicine and Primary Care. Anne Williams. Open University Press. [RT-86.4-.W54 2000]

On Specialization in Nursing: Toward a New Empowerment. By Margretta M. Styles. Publication No. NP-75. American Nurses Foundation, Inc. [RT-86.73-.S9-1989]

Outcome Assessment in Advanced Practice Nursing. 2nd ed. Edited by Ruth M. Kleinpell. Springer.[RT82.8 .O89 2009]

Pediatric Primary Care: A Handbook for Nurse Practitioners. Catherine E. Burns, et al. Third edition. W. B. Saunders. [RJ-245-.P43-2004]

Philosophical and Theoretical Perspectives for Advanced Nursing Practice. Edited by Janet W. Kenney. Jones and Bartlett Publishers. [RT-84.5-.P53-2002]

Practice Guidelines for Acute Care Nurse Practitioners. Thomas W. Barkley and Charlene M. Myers. Saunders Elsevier. [RT-120-.E4-B53-2008]

Practice Guidelines for Family Nurse Practitioners. Karen Fenstermacher and Barbara Toni Hudson. 3rd edition. Saunders.   [RT-120-.F34-F46-2004]

Practice Guidelines for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners.  Edited by Beth Richardson.  Elsevier Mosby.  [RJ-245-.P73-2006x]

Practice Issues for the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. Edited by Ruth Kleinpell and Mariann Piano. Springer.  [RT-120-.E4-P72-1998]

Primary Care: The Art and Science of Advanced Practice Nursing. Edited by Lynne M. Dunphy, et al.. F.A. Davis. [RT-82.8-.P7553-20007x]

Primary Care of the Child with a Chronic Condition. Patricia Jackson Allen and Judith A. Vessey. Mosby. [RJ-380-.P75-2004]

Primary Care of the Older Adult: A Multidisciplinary Approach. Mary M. Burke and Joy A. Laramie. Mosby. [RC-952-.P695-2004]

Procedures for Primary Care Practitioners. Marilyn Winterton Edmunds and Maren Stewart Mayhew. Mosby. [RT-82.8-.P76-2003]

Protocols for Nurse Practitioners in Gynecologic Settings. Tiresias Press. [RG-105-.H39-1997]

The Scope of Practice of the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner. Publication No. NP-61. American Nurses Association Publications. [RT-82.8-.S27-1985]

Speaking of Nursing...Narratives of Practice, Research, Policy and the Profession. Donna Diers. Jones and Bartlett. [RT-81.5-.D5333-2004]

Standards of Oncology Nursing Education: Generalist and Advanced Practice Levels. Edited by Linda A. Jacobs. 3rd edition. Oncology Nursing Society, 2003. [Pamphlet #2085]

Standards of Practice for the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner. Publication No. NP-71. American Nurses Association Publications Council of Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners. [RT-82.8-.A44-1987]

Statement on the Scope and Standards of Advanced Practice Nursing in Oncology. Edited by Linda A. Jacobs. Oncology Nursing Society, 2003. [Pamphlet #2086]

Synergy for Clinical Excellence:  The AACN Synergy Model for Patient Care.  Sonya R. Hardin and Roberta Kaplow.  Jones and Bartlett.  [RT-120-.I5-S97-2005]

Towards Advanced Nursing Practice: Key Concepts for Health Care. Edited by Jane E. Schoeber and Susan M. Hinchliff. Arnold. [RT-41-.T69-1995]

Understanding Payment for Advanced Practice Nursing Services. Sheila Abood and David Keepnews. American Nurses Publishing. [RT-86.7-.A25-v.1-2000x and RT-86.7-.A25-v.2-2002x]

Note:  Volume One: Medicare Reimbursement. Volume Two: Fraud and Abuse.

Women's Health: A Primary Care Clinical Guide. Ellis Quinn Youngkin and Marcia Szmania Davis. 3rd edition. Pearson Prentice Hall. [RA-564.85-.W6668-2004]

Women's Health Care in Advanced Practice Nursing. Edited by Catherine Ingram Fogel and Nancy Fugate Woods.Springer Publishing Company. [RT42 .W66 2008]


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