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Evidence-based health coaching: motivational interviewing in action. 2 DVDs. 2011.

Validated in over 300 clinical studies, motivational interviewing (MI) remains the most patient-centered and effective approach for supporting better patient engagement and activation, disease self-care, treatment adherence and lifestyle management. This is the first MI video training series especially designed for clinicians who serve individuals at risk of, or affected by, chronic diseases. Whether you are serving in a wellness, disease management, or care management program--or a primary or specialty care setting, hospital or community program--this series will help you build the practical MI knowledge and skills you need to support your patient health and address the behavioral factors that are responsible for over 85% of avoidable health care costs

Motivational interviewing for mental health disorders. 4 DVDs. 2010.

Join Stephen Rollnick, Ph. D., the foremost expert on Motivational Interviewing (MI) and be prepared to use this evidence-based approach. You will learn the latest developments from someone on the cutting-edge of this revolutionary method. Discover how to effectively enhance motivation to change clients who are reluctant and ambivalent. MI can be used briefly, over a few sessions or integrated into most forms of therapy or counseling in the treatment of depression, addiction, anxiety and chronic diseases.