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Library News Archive: 2008

Library News Archive - contains library news from years past. Links and content may no longer work. Content is not updated.

2008 Library News

Colonial Library closes Dec. 19, 2008: News and FAQ (posted 25-Nov-08)

The Colonial Library will officially close as a library service point on December 19, 2008 to allow time to complete the transfer of books, journals, and audiovisuals to the Plummer Library by year's end. The Colonial Library will also be closed on Fridays throughout the transfer process. Updated information, including responses to frequently asked questions, about the Colonial Library transfer is now available on the library website.

Micromedex changes coming (posted 1-Dec-08)

Micromedex users will see a new, streamlined point-of-care search interface in December 2008 as Mayo Clinic migrates from an internal server for the system updated quarterly to Internet access updated daily. The current in-depth interface will continue to be available as a toggle option for users who prefer it. Test out the new interface.

Notice: Colonial Library now closed Fridays (posted 18-Nov-08)

Due to its approaching move date, Colonial Library will be closed on Fridays to patron services until further notice. Seemore information about the upcoming transfer of Colonial Library services.

Venables Library open Saturdays beginning Jan. 10, 2009 (posted 18-Nov-08)

Beginning January 10th, Venables Library will be open on Saturdays from 10-5 for the Spring semester.

Bookstore closed for inventory (posted 22-Oct-08)

The Mayo Clinic Medical Bookstore will be closed while conducting inventory on Monday, November 3. While there will be no medical bookstore sales during inventory, the cyber café will remain open. Bookstore sales will resume Tuesday, November 4, at 1:00 p.m.

Transfer of Colonial Library Services (posted 6-Oct-08)

Information, including responses to frequently asked questions, about the upcoming transfer of Colonial Library services is now available on the library website.

Test the new CINAHL interface (posted 5-Sep-08)

CINAHL users will soon see major changes to the search interface (click here to see the new CINAHL). The new version, provided by EBSCO, will replace the existing version from Ovid at the end of 2008. Further information, including training materials, will be coming later this year.

Sept. 8-10: Library All-Sites Retreat (posted 3-Sep-08)

There may be some periods when Library service may be delayed due to attendance at the Retreat.

2009 Resource Subscription Changes (posted 19-Aug-08)

A full list of resource subscription changes for the Mayo Clinic Libraries is now available for 2009. This includes titles to be added, those moving to online-only format, and titles to be cancelled.

Library Quarterly Newsletter now available (posted 06-Aug-08)

The latest issue of Quarterly Newsletter of the Mayo Clinic Libraries is now available on the Library's website. Featured in this issue are articles on new MICROMEDEX content and Mayo Clinic's compliance with the NIH Public Access Mandate. Other newsletter articles and announcements include:

  • Upcoming changes to the newsletter format
  • New hours for Plummer 14
  • St. Luke's Hospital Library in Jacksonville closes
  • Library leads a Web 2.0 course for Mayo faculty and staff

Micromedex Summary Documents error (posted 15-July-08)

Micromedex quarterly update caused an error when accessing Summary Documents. Only Summary documents is affected. 
Micromedex reload to correct the error is scheduled for late afternoon July 15, 2008. System will be unavailable for 2 hours.

Scheduled downtime for Blackwell & Wiley online journals (posted 27-June-08)

Blackwell Synergy online journals will be transitioning to the Wiley Interscience access platform. At 8 pm central time on Friday June 27 the Blackwell site will close down.

At 4 am central time on Saturday June 28 Wiley Interscience will be unavailable.

During this migration period online journals from both Blackwell and Wiley will be unavailable.

At approximately 8 am central time on June 29 the Wiley site will be back online. All online journal content that was previously available via Blackwell will now be available through Wiley Interscience.

Latest Library Online Newsletter Posted (posted 01-Feb-08)

The latest issue of Quarterly Newsletter of the Mayo Clinic Libraries is now available on the Library's website. Highlights of this issue include the following news items:

  • Centennial Keynote Address: The web cast of the Library's centennial symposium keynote speaker, noted inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil, is now available for those who were unable to attend the session during 2007 Heritage Days.
  • New Interface for Ovid: Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer Health) hosts a large number of the Library databases including MEDLINE, Embase, Current Contents, and Mayo Authors. Ovid will change its search interface effective February 4, 2008. The new interface has many enhancements.
  • "H" Impact Measure: A Library online tutorial on the Web of Science is accessible via the newsletter and provides an overview of new author searching and the "H" index score related to the impact of an author's journal article publications. The "H" index is an alternative to the familiar journal impact factors published annually.
  • Top Resources: The series continues with top resources in the patients' libraries and in audiovisual formats.
  • NIH Public Access: A new law mandating deposit of peer reviewed journal articles resulting from NIH funded grants is included together with other news from the National Library of Medicine; Library staff news, publications, and activities.

Plummer group study rooms available for students by reservation (posted 14-Jan-08)

Group study rooms now available in the Plummer Library for MMS, MSHS, MCSGME, & MCGME students by reservation.

  • Reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance.
  • Reservations must be made by midnight for the following day.
  • Scheduled reservations are posted daily at the entrance of each room after the library opens.
See Plummer library staff for more information, call 4-2061, or check information online at: How do I reserve a Plummer Library group study room?

Ovid interface update coming on February 4th (posted 14-Jan-08)

On February 4th, Ovid will release its new search and discovery platform, OvidSP. Based primarily on direct feedback from customers and end-users, OvidSP combines the best precision search technology in a new platform.

OvidSP has a fresh, more modern design and is very easy to use. The search process has been simplified without losing the precision that satisfies complex, fast search needs. Enhanced search modes, additional functionality in the results display, and search aids are among the key features. The Mayo Library encourages Ovid users to become familiar with the new version available at

Training opportunities include:

Additional questions can be sent to Dave Brown at or at 4-2461.