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Library News Archive: 2007

Library News Archive - contains library news from years past. Links and content may no longer work. Content is not updated.

2007 Library News

Micromedex correction to insulin detemir drug evaluation (posted 27-Dec-07)

From Thomson Micromedex:

As a valued customer of Thomson Healthcare, we want to inform you of a correction in the dosing section of the insulin detemir drug evaluation monograph. Thomson Healthcare is dedicated to providing accurate clinical knowledge solutions that meet medication safety needs.
The change can be found in the bolded text in the full letter from Micromedex.

Library Quarterly Newsletter now available (posted 19-Nov-07)

The latest issue of Quarterly Newsletter of the Mayo Clinic Libraries is now available on the Library's website. Featured in this issue is a report on the Mayo Clinic Libraries Centennial Symposium held on October 2-3, 2007 which included noted futurist Ray Kurzweil as the keynote speaker. Other newsletter articles and announcements include:

  • Ovid's new database interface is available for testing and exploration
  • Mayo Clinic is featured in a Minnesota History Center exhibit in St. Paul
  • New electronic resources in engineering, computer science, and electronics are described
  • The Top 10 book resources in the Mayo Clinic libraries are listed by location
  • The launch of "My Health Minnesota -- Go Local" database of healthcare institutions and services in Minnesota is described

Ovid makes new interface available (posted 10-25-07)

OvidSP linkOn the top navigation bar in Ovid, you will notice a large option labeled "Try OvidSP!" Clicking this link will take you to Ovid's new interface. Several interesting features are available in this updated version, including RSS feeds, ability to annotate citations, sorting retrieved citations by any field, and Search Aid, which allows you to see exactly how Ovid performed the retrieval, including which synonyms and spelling variants were used.

Ovid's new interface is available for use now from the "Try OvidSP!" link, and we encourage its use! Over the next several months, the Library will be offering orientations and training in the new features. By February, OvidSP will become the new default.

The OvidSP Fact Sheet is available for download now, and additional materials will be coming over the next several weeks. Please feel free to contact the Library if you have any questions while you investigate the power of OvidSP.

IEEE Xplore now available! (posted 9-21-07)

IEEE Xplore is a digital library providing full text access to the world's highest quality technical literature in electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics. IEEE Xplore contains full text documents from IEEE journals, transactions, magazines, letters, conference proceedings, standards, and IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) publications.

IEEE Xplore contains:

  • IEEE journals, transactions, letters, and magazines from 1988 with select content back to 1913
  • IEEE conference proceedings from 1988 with select content back to 1953
  • IEEE standards from 1948
  • IET journals, letters, and magazines from 1988
  • IET conference proceedings from 1988
  • IEEE books from 1974

Compendex now available! (posted 9-21-07)

Compendex, a bibliographic database of engineering research containing over nine million references and abstracts taken from over 5,000 engineering journals, conferences and technical reports. is the most comprehensive bibliographic database of engineering research available today.

The broad subject areas of engineering and applied science are comprehensively represented. Coverage includes nuclear technology, bioengineering, transportation, chemical and process engineering, light and optical technology, agricultural engineering and food technology, computers and data processing, applied physics, electronics and communications, control, civil, mechanical, materials, petroleum, aerospace and automotive engineering as well as narrower subtopics within all these and other major engineering fields.

Online coverage is from 1969 to the present. Approximately 500,000 new records are added to the database annually from over 190 disciplines and major specialties within engineering. Compendex is updated weekly to ensure access to critical developments in your field.

Online Seminars and a variety of downloadable presentations are available to assist in learning this new resource.

Bookstore closed for inventory (posted 10-26-07)

The Mayo Clinic Medical Bookstore will be closed while conducting inventory on Monday, November 5. While there will be no medical bookstore sales during inventory, the cyber café will remain open. Bookstore sales will resume Tuesday, November 6, at 1:00 p.m.

SFX not working in PubMed (posted 10-4-07)

The "Full Text? SFX" button is missing from PubMed. These problems are due to issues on the PubMed server. PubMed is aware. We hope to have a resolution soon.

Mayo Clinic Libraries Centennial Keynote - Dr. Ray Kurzweil, Information Futurist

On Tuesday Oct. 2, 2007:
Keynote and Dialog: The Impact of 21st Century Technology On Human Health & Society

Panel of Respondents:     Betsy Humphreys
Deputy Director, National Library of Medicine

Nina Schwenk, M.D.
Vice President, Mayo Clinic Board of Trustees

Linda Watson
Director, Health Sciences Libraries,
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Rochester 9:00 - 11:00 AM (CST - live broadcast)
Gonda 5-104 (Leighton Lecture Hall) & South Hall Guggenheim

Jacksonville 10:00 - Noon (EST - live broadcast)
895 E Davis

View Follow-up Dialog with Dr. Kurweil on Thinking Like a Futurist
Rochester 1:30 - 3:00 PM (CST - live broadcast)
10-101 Gonda & Mann Hall, 1st Floor - Med Sci Building

These are open invitations to the Mayo community and no registration is required. Call 6-5185 with any questions.

SFX not working in PubMed

Clicking on the "Full Text? SFX" icon in PubMed produces a blank page or a "404 file not found" error. These problems are due to issues on the PubMed server. PubMed is aware. We hope to have a resolution soon.

Library Online Newsletter now available (posted 7-23-07)

The latest online issue of Quarterly Newsletter of the Mayo Clinic Libraries is now available. This issue includes the following feature articles and sections:

  • Did you know that a library online resource or website is accessed over 46,000 times each day? An hourly diary describing library services provided to employees and students from the various Mayo Clinic sites is presented in "A Fourteen Hour Shift -- Mayo Clinic Libraries" where no two days are exactly alike.
  • If you like crossword puzzles, challenge yourself to the "Library Puzzler" with clues from medicine, science, and library fields. You can also find the answers in this issue of the online newsletter.
  • A renovation is underway in Plummer Library. Come visit the renovated 11th floor including a new Mayo Medical Bookstore, Cyber Café, and 4 group study rooms. The architects have provided a stunning new architectural experience plus new collaborative learning and group study areas for Mayo employees and students while retaining much of the original beauty of this floor including its Wedgwood-inspired ceiling.
  • Do you know when to use quotation marks for your intranet keyword search? Spend 9 minutes viewing a video tutorial to learn a few tips and tricks about searching the Mayo Clinic intranet and interpreting the results of retrieval using the newly installed Google search appliance.
  • Check out two new exhibits: History of Mayo Medical Library (June 4, 2007 - October 31, 2007) is a photographic exhibit on Plummer 14 North honoring the 75th anniversary of the Library in 1982; An exhibit on Oscar Gans, M.D. from August 1, 2007 - January 31, 2008 in the Mayo History of Medicine Library on Plummer 15 honors the famous German dermatologist whose extraordinary rare book collection was donated to Mayo Clinic in the 1950's.
  • The Library's Internet presence has been updated with additional information about the Mayo Clinic Libraries for prospective students, employees, and patients. Access this on the Education/Research website at
  • Other news features include an update on activities and databases of the National Library of Medicine and recent library staff publications and activities.

Plummer Library will be closed Saturday, August 4th due to a power outage (posted 8-2-07)

To use Library services on Saturday, please visit the Colonial Library 10 am - 5 pm (266-7425) or the Learning Resource Center 10 am - 6 pm (284-3893), or visit the digital library. The Plummer Library will reopen on Sunday, August 5th at noon. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Newly renovated Medical Bookstore re-opens Monday June 4 (posted 6-1-07)

Come visit the Medical Bookstore in our newly renovated location on Plummer 11. Enjoy our new Cybercafé area with wireless network access, large screen TV's, comfortable seating, coffee and fruit.

The Medical Bookstore carries over 4,000 medical titles. Special orders can be placed for titles not carried in the store. Mayo staff and students receive a 10% discount on book purchases. For more information visit the bookstore Web pageor call 284-2279.

Medical Bookstore - Temporary closing (posted May 8, 2007)

The Medical Bookstore will be closed from May 21 - June 1. It will re-open on June 4th in its newly renovated location on Plummer 11.

Library Quarterly Newsletter Now Available (posted April 10, 2007)

The latest issue of Quarterly Newsletter of the Mayo Clinic Libraries is now available on the Library's website. This issue includes the following feature articles and sections:

  • Centennial: 2007 marks the centennial of the Mayo Clinic Libraries. A special centennial image was created to celebrate the event and features a stylized "torch of knowledge" inspired by the oil painting located in Mayo Hall, the main reading room of Plummer Library (PL 12-00).
  • Book Review & Alerting Service: MedInfoNow is a new comprehensive database of currently published scholarly books and software containing over 70,000 records. Users may establish personal interest profiles and receive weekly alerts to new publications in the health sciences. Links to the Library online catalog allows you to check for availability in a Mayo Clinic library. A book rating system is also a feature of this new electronic service.
  • "Send Me a Document": Tips on efficiently using the Library's document delivery services including electronic document delivery to your desktop is provided in this article.
  • Scopus Citation Tracker: Elsevier's Scopus database includes a powerful feature called Citation Tracker that tracks citations to literature references. Learn more about this feature by viewing a short video demonstration that can be launched within this article.
  • NewsBytes & Staff News: This recurring section features news about the National Library of Medicine databases and other updates and short news notes. A new complementary and alternative medicine database called Natural Standard is featured in this section.
  • Donors to the Library: Mayo Clinic Libraries is grateful to the 2006 personal and group donors who are listed in this issue of the newsletter. Thank you.

Clinician's Guide to New Tools and Features of PubMed (posted April 6, 2007)

Practicing clinicians need to have the skills required to obtain up-to-date medical information to address both the expansion of scientific knowledge and patients' increasing use of the Internet. PubMed allows clinicians free access to the largest biomedical resource available. This article is the third in a Mayo Clinic Proceedings series designed specifically to help clinicians unlock the tools and information available through this valuable resource.

Alert! Micromedex DRUGDEX - incorrect dosing information for Esmolol (posted April 2, 2007)

We have received a communication from Micromedex regarding Esmolol.

"Thomson Healthcare discovered an incorrect dosing recommendation regarding Esmolol in the current version (v132) of the DRUGDEX System on the Micromedex Healthcare Series now installed and being used by your clinicians."
Please read the entire letter [pdf] for complete details regarding the incorrect data.

Natural Standard Complementary and Alternative Medicine Database (posted April 2, 2007)

The Natural Standard database is an evidence-based database of complementary and alternative medicine therapies and practices licensed for Mayo Clinic use. Information is divided into the following six areas: herbs and supplements; health & wellness; allergy & immunology; condition center; brand names; interactions. These areas are repeated as a top navigation guide for the database and may be searched individually or collectively by using the search box which appears above the six categories. Each category contains a simple alphabetical listing making access very user friendly. 

The Natural Standard information is primarily geared toward health care providers as a decision support tool for complementary and alternative medicine therapies and practices. Database entries will include the following categories: Professional Monograph, Bottom Line Monograph, Flashcard, News Item, and Reference List. The Professional Monograph is the most comprehensive with other types of information derived from it. Information contained in the monographs is both peer-reviewed and evidenced-based with links to the primary published literature via PubMed. An online dictionary and Blog are also provided for the system.

New location for Medical Bookstore (posted January 29, 2007)

The Medical Bookstore is now open in it's new location on the 12th floor of the Plummer Building behind the elevators in room 1208. The Bookstore will be at this location for the duration of the Library renovation.

MedInfoNow: New Medical Book Review & Alerting Service (posted February 12, 2007)

Have you ever wanted to -- quickly find a new edition of your favorite textbook, generate a list of the best new books in cardiology, read recent book reviews by content experts, or just keep track of the latest books published in science, medicine, and nursing specialties? These tasks just became much easier using a new online system licensed by the Mayo Clinic Libraries called MedInfoNow. MedInfoNow is a comprehensive database of currently published book and software titles and incorporates book reviews by content experts of selected titles including a book rating system. Mayo Clinic librarians have used this service for a number of years to guide the purchase of quality books for the Mayo libraries. Now, the service is available to all Mayo Clinic employees and students and can be used as a database of available publications, and through an optional and free registration procedure, it can be used as a weekly alerting service to the latest publications by establishing a personal profile.

This unique access to scholarly books can be searched by subject, author, keyword, and publication date. Retrieval can be limited to the books that include a content review and rating, and citations can be exported to EndNote. There is no registration required for this service, but if you choose to register and establish a personal profile, you will begin receiving a weekly e-mail alert of new resources added to the database in the specialty areas you choose. The Library has married the MedInfoNow service to an additional information service called "Buy or Borrow? SFX" allowing you to check the online catalog for library availability, request document delivery of the item, or make a personal purchase from the Mayo Medical Bookstore. Try it out! Registration is free, but you don't have to be a registered user to access and use the database.

Library Quaterly Newsletter Now Available (posted January 23, 2007)

The latest issue of Quarterly Newsletter of the Mayo Clinic Libraries is now available on the Library's website (see: This issue includes the following feature articles:

  • What's on your nightstand? Books for work, pleasure, gifts: Explore recommended reading of your Mayo Clinic colleagues from business essentials to the latest and greatest novels.
  • How Mayo Libraries Work as One: The Mayo Clinic Library system operates in the spirit of "One Mayo" through shared systems, processes, Web presence, and decision making.
  • On Writing: Author and poet and Venables Library staff member, Yuko Taniguchi Wenzel, shares her thoughts on writing. Two poems from her first collected poems publication are included in this issue.
  • NewsBytes & Staff News: Included in this section is the story of the 35th anniversary of the National Library of Medicine's MEDLINE (PubMed) database which logged 800 million searches in 2006. The system began with 25 users in 1971 and 239 journals. Today, over 77 million visitors search the database annually which indexes articles contained in nearly 5,000 journals.

Plummer Library closed Saturday March 10, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm (posted March 7, 2007)

Due to renovation progress, the Plummer Library will be closed from 8:00 am until 12 noon on Saturday March 10th. If you need library services at that time, please contact the Colonial Library or the Learning Resource Center. Both of these libraries open at 10:00 a.m.

Plummer Library will be open from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m.

Plummer Library closed Saturday Feb 17, 10:45 am - 1:00 pm (posted February 16, 2007)

Attention Plummer Library users: Plummer Library will be closed from 10:45 am - 1:00 pm this Saturday, February 17th due to a scheduled electrical outage. Library users will need to leave the Plummer Library from 10:45 am - 1:00 pm as there will be no electrical service in the building. Users are encouraged to visit the LRC Library (open 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Saturday) or the Colonial Library (open 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday) to avoid any inconvenience. The full list of library locations and service hours are located on our website. Thank you for your cooperation during this electrical outage.