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Writing and Publishing in the Medical and Health Sciences: Writing Guides and Resources

This guide is intended to inform authors about the key features of scholarly writing and publishing in the medical and health sciences.

Library Resources to Help You Write Effectively

What is Predatory Open Access Publishing?

Predatory Open Access Publishing is the name given to a problem that has recently developed in academic publishing.  Some journals now allow authors to pay fees that cover publication costs. These articles can be made freely available to everyone on the internet.  This is known as "Open Access" publishing. There are many legitimate Open Access publishers and this process is well established.  The problem is that there are also many "predatory" publishers that will charge authors these publication fees and not provide any of the services that legitimate publishers provide, like editing and peer review management.  Predatory publishers primarily want to collect the publication fees. Once predatory publishers have collected  an author's money and article manuscript, little can be done to retrieve manuscripts and author fees from these non-scholarly publishers.

Instructions for Authors

A journal's website will usually have information for authors, including:

  • submission guidelines

  • style guidelines

  • citation and bibliographic requirements

Instructions to Authors in the Health Sciences

Courtesy of The University of Toledo, this tool provides instructions to authors for over 6,000 journals in medicine, health, and life sciences.

Writing Style Manuals

Manuscript Preparation

Get Started Writing - Selected Guides from the Literature

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