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Requesting Items via Document Delivery: FAQs About Document Delivery

A guide to using the Mayo Clinic Libraries Document Delivery system

FAQs About Document Delivery

Document Delivery is a service provided by the Mayo Clinic Libraries that can deliver PDF copies of journal articles and book chapters.  You can also use document delivery to request books and other physical library materials. This guide will answer frequently asked  questions about Document Delivery, including:

How do I access the Document Delivery system?

The Document Delivery system is linked from the library homepage under the "Services" menu. There are two links, Document Delivery and Document Delivery (Remote)

The main system has advanced features, including automated form completion, multi-article ordering and bulk downloading. The Remote version of the system is available from anywhere in the world, but has more limited features. 

Do I need a separate username and password?

No additional usernames or passwords are needed.  The Document Delivery system recognizes your Mayo Clinic LANID.

If you are on campus, the Document Delivery system will automatically log you in.  If you are off  campus, you will be asked to log in with your LANID and password. 

The first time you log in, you'll be asked to enter basic information to establish your account. Use your Mayo Clinic email address, phone number, and mail-stop information when completing this form to ensure that we can deliver materials to you.

How do I request articles?

You can request articles in two ways: entering citations individually, or uploading a file containing multiple citations. The more information you can supply about an article, the easier it will be for us to locate a copy.  At a minimum, we ask for article title, journal title, and year.  If you need assistance finding a complete citation, email the library

How do I see the status of my requests?

The status of your requests will display on the Document Delivery homepage.  The following table explains what each status message means.

Document Delivery Status Messages
Status Explanation
Awaiting Request Processing Your request has been received, and is waiting to be processed.
Awaiting Unfilled Processing We have sent your request to potential lenders but no one has filled the request. We will continue to try to obtain the material from other sources. If we are unable to locate the item we will cancel your request and notify you by email.
Awaiting Copyright Clearance We are checking to see if a copyright fee is required to obtain the requested article. These fees are paid by the library. Note: The Mayo Clinic Libraries cover all costs associated with Document Delivery service, including fees for copyright and interlibrary loan. We may contact you to verify that you need the item if the cost exceeds our normal limits.
Canceled by ILL Staff Library staff have canceled your request for a specific reason. We will send an email listing the specific reason for the cancelation. 
Delivered to Web Your item has been posted to your Document Delivery account. It will be available online for 30 days to be viewed and/or downloaded. 
Request Sent You request has been processed by library staff and submitted through the online Interlibrary Loan System for potential lending libraries to fill.

How do I retrieve PDFs of my requests

Document Delivery Filled RequestsTo retrieve PDFs that have been delivered to your account, login to Document Delivery and select the "Filled Requests" tab. 



If you are working off-campus, you can also retrieve PDFs by logging in to external Document Delivery and scrolling to the bottom of the main page.  You'll see a list of available PDFs.  Clicking the PDF icon or the word "View" will download the PDF to your computer. 

You should store PDFs in your network drive or on your local hard drive, as files are only available on the Document Delivery system for about 30 days.

Who can use Document Delivery service?

Document Delivery is available to all staff and students of the Mayo Clinic who have an active LANID.  If you need assistance obtaining a LANID, speak with your supervisor.

How long will it take for my articles to arrive?

When ordering items, we ask you to choose from three delivery priorities: Routine, Rush, and Emergency. 

  • Routine orders will generally be delivered in less than a week.
  • Rush orders will generally be delivered in less than 3 days.
  • Emergency orders are delivered in less than 24 hours (patient care materials only).

​If your item is past the expected delivery date, or you need to change the priority, please email 

Can I order multiple articles at the same time?

Yes, you can upload a file containing as many as 250 citations and the system order all of them at once.  See our multi-article request form page for detailed instructions. 

How much does it cost to order an article?

Document Delivery service is provided for staff and students of Mayo Clinic at no charge. The Mayo Clinic libraries pay for articles that need to be borrowed from another institution, and library staff may contact you to ensure that you definitely need the item if borrowing fees exceed our normal costs. You may be charged for books or other materials that you do not return.  

How many items can I order at once?

We currently limit the multi-article request submission form to 250 articles at a time. If you need to order more than 250 articles, you can submit multiple requests through that form. If you need assistance dividing your request into smaller sets, please contact the library. 

While this service is provided at no cost to you, we ask that you be a responsible steward of Mayo Clinic's resources and request only those items that you actually need. 

Are there any copyright issues?

There are some limits on what the library can supply via Document Delivery due to copyright law.  Copyright limits your request to: 

  • one article per unbound journal
  • no more than three articles/chapters per bound volume/book
  • a single article/book chapter of 50 pages or less per book
  • not more than one copy of an article/chapter per patron

The library cannot supply copies of entire books or journal issues. If you need an entire issue of a journal, you will need to visit the library or borrow the journal volume. 

PDF copies of electronic articles and book chapters are stored on the system for 30 days and automatically deleted to comply with copyright requirements concerning electronic storage. It is best to retrieve your articles as soon as they are available and then save them to your personal network drive so that you do not lose access to them.

Who do I contact if I have problems or other questions?

If you are experiencing problems with the Document Delivery system, please email or call (507)284-2061.

I work at another library and want to request materials from the Mayo Clinic Libraries.  Can I use Document Delivery?

Libraries that wish to place an interlibrary loan request with the Mayo Clinic Libraries should use the OCLC or Docline interlibrary loan systems. Our OCLC  symbol is OMC and our Docline symbol is MNUMAY. We are unable to process direct phone or e-mail requests for interlibrary loan.