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Requesting Items via Document Delivery: Requesting Single Articles / Book Chapters

A guide to using the Mayo Clinic Libraries Document Delivery system

Requesting Single Journal Articles/Book Chapters from On-Campus

 To request individual journal articles use the links on the library homepage to access either the on-campus or off-campus forms. Follow these instructions to complete those forms.

On-Campus Request Form

1. Complete as many fields of the on-campus Article Request form as you can with the citation data you have available.

If you have a PubMed ID (PMID) number for the article, place it in the PMID box to auto-fill the rest of the form.

Required fields are Journal Title and Article Title

Use the Special Instructions field to note any special handling you'd like for your request.  Note this field is limited to 40 characters.

When you've completed the form, click the Submit button.  

2. You will receive a popup indicating that the library has received your request.  You till then be taken to the Pending Requests, where you can see the status of all of your open requests.  Completed requests and the associated article PDFs can be found on the Filled Requests tab.  

If you need to submit another request, use the Request Item(s) tab to complete the form again.  If you have a list of articles, consider using the multi-article request form. 

Pending requests screen



Requesting Single Journals/Book Chapters from Off-Campus


Off-Campus Request Form

1. Complete as many fields of the off-campus Article Request form as you can with the citation data you have available.


Required fields are Journal Title, Article Title, Author and Year. If you don't know one of those, you may enter "unknown" in the field.

Off-campus request screenshot

2. Scroll to the lower part of the form and choose a Delivery Priority based on how quickly you need the article. 

Note: Emergency requests should only be used for urgent Patient Care needs.  

Adjust the Not Wanted After Date as needed.  By default, it is set to one year from today's date. This means we will try to fill your request for up to one year before retiring it.  Most requests are filled within a few days. 

The next part of the form contains information about copyright restrictions. The Library will contact you if your request exceeds what we are allowed to provide due to copyright.


When you have  completed the form, click the Submit Request button at the bottom. 



Single article request form screenshot
3. After you submit your request, you will be returned to the Document Delivery homepage. A list of your outstanding and filled requests will be displayed there. Document Delivery Homepage Screenshot