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EndNote: Email Attachments

Using EndNote--Mayo Clinic's licensed bibliographic database manager

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Troubleshooting problems with EndNote email attachments

If you try to open an EndNote library that you received as an Outlook email attachment, you will get the message:

"You do not have access privileges required to complete that operation"

To solve this, first download the attachment to your desktop or H:drive and then open it. EndNote libraries cannot be opened directly from email programs.

(Note: Compressed Endnote libraries ending in .enlx can be opened from an email, but will need to be saved to desktop or H:Drive.)

Issues with EndNote x9.2 (or earlier versions) and EndNote x9.3

With the EndNote x9.3 update, the structure of how the EndNote library files are saved was changed. Compressed EndNote libraries created in version x9.3 can only be opened by users who also have version x9.3 or higher.

Example #1: Bill creates an EndNote library using  version x9.3. Bill needs to share this EndNote library with his mentor, Sara. Sara has not updated her EndNote program and still has version x9.2. When Sara tries to open the compressed EndNote library Bill sent to her, Sara receives an error message and only sees an EndNote library with zero citations. Sara will need to update her EndNote program to version x9.3 to view the library Bill created.

Example #2: Ted and Diane are working on a paper together. Ted creates an EndNote library using  the EndNote version x9.1 and sends a compressed copy of the library to Diane. Diane has updated her EndNote program to version x9.3. Diane is able to open the EndNote library without a problem.

To view which version of EndNote you are currently using, go to "Help" in the menu and then find the "About EndNote..." section and it will show you what version you are currently using.

If you are using any version older than EndNote x9.3, it is highly recommended that you update your software to the latest version. Contact your local librarian for help or email

How to make a Compressed Library

Compress the library in order to easily send a copy to someone else. This packages both the .enl file and associated
.data folder.
1. Open the library in EndNote.
2. Click File
3. Choose Compressed Library (.enlx).

4. Specify whether to Create or Create & Email.
5. Specify whether to include file attachments.
6. Choose which references (all, selected, or specific groups/group sets).
7. Click Next.

8. Name and Save the compressed library (.enlx) to the appropriate location.
(If the Create & Email option was chosen, a new email message will be created with the compressed file attached.)
Note: To restore a compressed library file, double-click to open the .enlx file. The .enl file and .DATA folder will automatically be extracted.