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EndNote: Finding Full Text Using EndNote

Using EndNote--Mayo Clinic's licensed bibliographic database manager

How do I find full text using EndNote?



  1. In EndNote, go to Edit > Preferences.

2. In Preferences, click on "Find Full Text" and check all the boxes. In the OpenURL path field, type in


If you are planning on using EndNote off campus, in the Authenticate field type in:

In your EndNote library, highlight the references you want the full text for.

Click the "Find Full Text"   button, highlighted on the right.

Wait for your PDF files to download. It may take a long time for all of them to download.

NOTE: Some publishers do not allow automated download of their articles.  You can still manually download and attach these PDFs to your library.


In the left panel, EndNote will indicate which articles found the full-text as a PDF, as web link or was unable to find any full-text.

In the main panel, the full-text notification is identified as a paperclip.