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EndNote: Merging EndNote Libraries

Using EndNote--Mayo Clinic's licensed bibliographic database manager

Merge EndNote Libraries

Note: Before merging libraries, it is a good idea to make a backup copy of the library into which you are transferring references.

There are 3 ways to merge libraries:

Importing EndNote libraries

  1.  Open the EndNote library into which you will be importing references.
  2.  From the File menu, select Import.
  3.  Select Choose file to locate the EndNote library that you wish to import.
  4.  Select EndNote Library from the Import Option drop down list
  5.  Select Discard Duplicates
  6.  Select Import

Copying references between libraries
You can also use the Copy and Paste commands in the 'Edit' menu to transfer references. Select the references that you want to copy and choose Copy (CTRL+C) from the 'Edit' menu. Open the library into which you want to add the references and choose Paste (CTRL+V).


To copy specific references from one library to another, select them in one library (hold down the Ctrl () key to select non- consecutive references; use the Shift key to select a range), click on any part of the selection and use the mouse to drag the selection to another library. The selected references are copied to the library where they were dropped.