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Patient Education and COVID-19

The Barbara Woodward Lips Patient Education Center 

  • Virtual (Zoom) patient education classes will continue to be our primary mode of delivery for the classes we offer
  • In person classes are limited to 5 total people in a classroom at a time (instructor, 2 patients, and 1 patient support person per patient)
    • Exceptions may be granted on a case by case basis
  • Computers are available for visitor use at this time. 

How do I find approved patient education materials?

You can use the Office of Patient Education's database to find approved materials that have been created or selected to serve the needs of your department and patients. These include:

  • Pamphlets in multiple languages
  • Video on Demand covering more than 900 topics
  • Classes free of charge for Mayo patients and employees
  • Books 

To find the Office of Patient Education intranet page:

  • From Library Home page, select Patient Education in the left hand databases menu.
  • From the Mayo Clinic Intranet Homepage, select clinical tools from the left hand navigation and click on patient education.

To find pamphlets for your patient:

  • Use the Patient Education search box and enter a term or the title of a brochure
  • Click on the title to read about the item or click on the Print document link to view and print the item.
  • Use the MC or MIC number to order the item from the warehouse through Lawson.

If you want materials in Spanish, Arabic, Somali or another language:

  • Select the language from the drop down box, then enter your search terms into the search box and click search.

Didn’t find what you want? Try this:

  • Try a plain language term, i.e. heart attack, stroke, cancer
  • Add terms to narrow the search. You do not need to use “and” , i.e. Parkinson’s  nutrition 

To find videos:

  • The Office of Patient Education has approved more than 900 videos on topics such as preparing for procedures, managing health conditions and self care. These can be found in the Forms database using the search box. Some titles can be ordered through the warehouse to be stocked in your area and given to your patients and others are available on the Video on Demand system. 
  • The Video on Demand (VOD) system contains more than 500 titles. VOD allows patients to see a video from any in-house television. Channel 999, general patient education, is available in most areas. Channel 123, pediatric patient education, is available in pediatric areas. 
  • Videos (Streaming) On and Off Campus.  Video descriptions are designed for cutting and pasting into Epic (After Visit Summary) and/or into a Patient Portal message. Videos will stream inside and outside Mayo’s firewall/campuses, e.g., at patients' homes. Please note video descriptions/links are for patient and family use only, not public sharing.

Didn’t find what you want?

  • Please call the Office of Patient Education at 4-8140 for assistance finding an item in the database or:
  • Use the Patient Education Contacts link to find a Patient Education Specialist in your area for individualized assistance