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Writing and Publishing in the Medical and Health Sciences: Home

This guide is intended to inform authors about the key features of scholarly writing and publishing in the medical and health sciences.

What is the goal of this guide?


This goal of this guide is to provide clarity about medical and scientific writing. Both "how to" and the "what to avoid" components are key featured components of this guide.  Access the main tabs and inner pages to find information about guides for:

  • quality writing and creation of manuscripts
  • completing literature reviews
  • finding and analyzing reputable publishers
  • understanding the role of impact factors
  • knowing the peer review process
  • avoiding predatory publishers

Sharing discoveries

"It is a great thing to make scientific discoveries of rare value, but it is even greater to be willing to share these discoveries and to encourage other workers in the same field of scientific research." 

(Dr. William J. Mayo, M.D., 1935)