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Writing and Publishing in the Medical and Health Sciences: Predators - The Basics

This guide is intended to inform authors about the key features of scholarly writing and publishing in the medical and health sciences.

What is Wrong with Predatory Publishers?

  • Mayo Clinic Academic Appointments and Promotions Committee does not recognize publications or editorial positions in nonreputable journals
  • You may be unable to withdraw your article, or you may be asked to pay a "ransom" fee
  • Reputations are put at risk: Mayo Clinic's, yours, your coauthors'
  • Dissemination of your research is limited
  • Your research is less likely to be cited

Also Beware of Predatory Conferences

Predatory conferences solicit clinicians and researchers to attend and present their work.  The primary intent is to profit rather than promote an organized exchange of scientific communication.

Mayo Clinic Resources on Predatory Publishing

Selected Articles on Predatory Publishing

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