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Writing and Publishing in the Medical and Health Sciences: Reputable Publishers

This guide is intended to inform authors about the key features of scholarly writing and publishing in the medical and health sciences.

Characteristics of Reputable Publishers

What are typical characteristics of reputable publishers?

  • No guarantees are made regarding turnaround time or the promise that publications will be approved; however, “Expedited” or “Rapid” reviews may be offered.
  • The peer-review process is explained in detail, including the role of the editor.
  • Contact information is complete, including mailing address, fax and phone numbers.
  • Ethics policies mention guidelines from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) or Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), and information regarding patient permission and written consent is included.
  • Authors are required to disclose any relationship with industry and to sign a conflict of interest form.
  • ICMJE guidelines for authorship or authorship criteria are clearly defined.
  • Submittal fees, processing fees, and open-access fees are easily located, and the fees are clearly explained.
  • Names of members are familiar to you, or members are from reputable institutions.
  • The journal is indexed in legitimate databases, such as Medline or Embase.
  • The publisher rarely sends a personalized invitation for article submission. Exceptions are commentaries and editorials.

Content provided by Mayo Clinic Scientific Publications intranet site on 4/10/2019.