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Systematic Reviews: Systematic Review Tools

This guide is for the clinician undertaking a systematic review.


General Tools

Helpful for all stages of the review process from start to finish.

Specific Tools for Planning the Review

Reporting Guidelines: Not sure what to report in your review, locate a reporting guideline.

Protocol Registration: A first step to organize the review and prevent bias is creating and registering a protocol.

Organizing & Collaborating with a TeamTeamwork is core to the systematic review.  Work as a team and collaborate by sending less emails.

Tools for Literature Searching

Enhance your search using sophisticated text mining tools. However, this is not a replacement to our free educational services

Citation Managers & Deduplication Software

Tools for Screening

Did you know screening includes 2 or more reviewers and must be done independent and blinded from the other reviewer(s)?

Data Extraction

Tools for Meta-Analysis

Tools for Writing