Systematic Reviews: Data Extraction

This guide provides information and resources which may be helpful when undertaking a systematic review or other type of knowledge synthesis.

Data Collection


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This stage of the systematic review process involves transcribing information from each study using a structured piloted format designed to consistently and objectively capture the relevant details.  Two reviewers working independently are preferred for accuracy.  Data must be managed appropriately in a transparent way and available for future updates of the systematic review and for data sharing. A sampling of data collection tools are listed here.

Data Extraction Elements:

  • Consider your research question components and objectives
  • Consider study inclusion / exclusion criteria
  • Study characteristics such as:
    • Full citation 
    • Setting
    • Duration
    • Objectives
    • Intervention
    • Study Design and methodology
    • Participant characteristics
    • Outcome measures
    • Results
    • Study quality factors

Consult Cochrane Interactive Learning Module 4: Selecting Studies and Collecting Data for further information.  *Please note you will need to register for a Cochrane account while initially on the Mayo network. You'll receive an email message containing a link to create a password and activate your account.*

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