Systematic Reviews: Review Teams

This guide provides information and resources which may be helpful when undertaking a systematic review or other type of knowledge synthesis.

Review Teams

According to Finding What Works in Health Care: Standards for Systematic Reviews, "The review team is composed of the individuals who will manage and conduct the review. The objective of organizing the review team is to pull together a group of researchers as well as key users and stakeholders who have the necessary skills and clinical content knowledge to produce a high-quality SR."

Assembling a Team

The Institute of Medicine Committee on Standards for Systematic Reviews of Comparative Effectiveness Research recommends, in Standard 2.1, that a team with appropriate expertise and experience be assembled to conduct the systematic review.1  Required elements of this standard:


Include expertise in pertinent clinical contents areas


Include expertise in systematic review methods


Include expertise in searching for relevant evidence


Include expertise in quantitative methods


Include other expertise as appropriate

References & Recommended Reading

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