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Transcultural Aspects of Religion: Books


Asian Americans Information Directory. Gale Research, Inc. [E-184.06-.A75-1992x]

Bahai Prayers: A Selection of the Prayers. Revealed by Bahaullah, The Bab, and Abdul-Baha. Bahai Publishing Trust. [BP-360-.B12-1973]

Caring for Dying People of Different Faiths. Julia Newberger. 3rd edition. Radcliffe Medical Press. [BL-504-.N48-2004]

Christian Faith and Other Faiths
. 2nd edition. Stephen Neill. Oxford University Press. [BR-127-.N37-1970]

The Christian Science Tradition: Religious Beliefs and Health Care Decisions. Park Ridge Center. [Pamphlet #343]

Counseling the Culturally Different: Theory and Practice. 2nd Edition. Derald Wing Sue and David Sue. John Wiley and Sons. [BF-637-.C6-S85-1990]

Cultural Diversity in Health and Illness. Rachel E. Spector. Appleton and Lange. [RA-418.5-.T73-S64-1996]

Cultural Issues in End-of-Life Decision Making. Sage. [HQ-1073.5-.U6-C85-2000]

Do's and Taboos Around the World. 3rd edition. Roger E. Axtell, editor. John Wiley and Sons. [HF-5387-.D66-1993]

The Do's and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors. Roger E. Axtell. John Wiley and Sons. [HF-5389-.A98-1990]

Effective Communication in Multicultural Health Care Settings. Gary L. Kreps and Elizabeth N. Kunimoto. SAGE Publications. [R-118-.K729-1994]

An Employer's Guide to Islamic Religious Practices. Council of American-Islamic Relations. [Pamphlet #367]

The Encyclopedia of American Religions. 3rd edition. Gale Research Inc. [BL-2525-.M449-1989]

Ethnic Nursing Care; A Multicultural Approach
. Modesta Soberano Orque et al. Mosby. [RT-86.5-.O74-1983]

Faith and Health: Psychological Perspectives. Edited by Thomas G. Plante and Allen C. Sherman. The Guilford Press. [BL-65-.M4-F35-2001]

Faith in the Future: Healthcare, Aging, and the Role of Religion. Harold G. Koenig, Douglas M. Lawson with Malcolm McConnell. Templeton Foundation Press. [RA-564.8-.K625-2004]

Family Care and Medical Management for Jehovah's Witnesses. Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. [RM-171-.W36-1992]

Gestures: The Do's and Taboos of Body Language Around the World. Roger E. Axtell. John Wiley and Sons. [BF-637-.N66-A88-1991]

The Greek Orthodox Church: Faith, History, and Practice. Demetrios J. Constantelos. Seabury Press. [BX-320.2-.C64-1967]

Health and Medicine in the Islamic Tradition: Change and Identity. Fazlur Rahman. Crossroad Publishing Company. [BP-166.72-.R35-1987]

Hispanic Americans Information Directory
. Gale Research, Inc. [E-184-.S75-S645-1992x]

The Hmong in America: Providing Ethnic-sensitive Health, Education, and Human Services. Kathleen M. McInnis. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company. [E-184-.H55-M55-1990]

How Different Religions View Death and Afterlife. Christopher Jay Johnson and Marsha G. McGee. The Charles Press Publishers. [BL-504-.E53-1998]

How to Be a Perfect Stranger: The Essential Guide to Religious Etiquette Handbook. 5th ed. Edited by Stuart M. Matlins and Arthur J. Magida. Skylight Paths Publishing.  [BJ 2010 .H68 2011]

How to Be a Perfect Stranger, Volume 2: A Guide to Etiquette in Other People's Religious Ceremonies. Edited by Stuart M. Matlins and Arthur J. Magida. Jewish Lights Publishing. [BJ-2010-.M34-v.2 1997]

Increasing Multicultural Understanding; A Comprehensive Model. Don C. Locke. SAGE Publications. [E-184-.A1-L63-1992]

Islam: A Short History
. Karen Armstrong. Modern Library. [BP-50-.A69-2000]

Islam in America. Jane Smith. Columbia University Press. [BP-67-.U6-S6-1999]

Islam in Focus. Hammudah Abdalati. American Trust Publications. [BP-161.2-.A2-1993]

Japan-think, Ameri-think: An Irreverent Guide to Understanding the Cultural Differences Between Us. Robert J. Collins. Penguin Books. [DS-822.5-.C65-1992]

The Jehovah's Witness Tradition: Religious Beliefs and Health Care Decisions. Park Ridge Center. [Pamphlet #342]

Jewish American Culture: A Profile in Minnesota. The Center for Cross-Cultural Health. 2001. [Pamphlet #1977]

Jewish Spirituality: A Brief Introduction for Christians. Lawrence Kushner. Jewish Lights Publishing. [BM-723-.K874-2001]

The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning. Maurice Lamm. Jonathan David Publishers. [BM-712-.L3-1969]

The Latter-Day Saints Tradition: Religious Beliefs and Health Care Decisions. Park Ridge Center. [Pamphlet #344]

Many Voices: Toward Caring Culture in Healthcare and Healing. Edited by Kathryn H. Kavanagh and Virginia Knowlden. The University of Wisconsin Press. [RT-86-.M367-2004]

Minority Organizations: A National Directory. 4th edition. Garrett Park Press. [E-184-.A1-M5-1992x]

Modern Psychology and Ancient Wisdom: Psychological Healing Practices from the World's Religious Traditions. Sharon G. Mijares. The Haworth Integrative Healing Press. [BL-65-.M4-M63-2003]

Native Americans Information Directory
. Gale Research, Inc. [E-77-.N37-1993x]

The Perfect Stranger's Guide to Funerals and Grieving Practices:  A Guide to Etiquette in Other People's Religious Ceremonies.  Edited by Stuart M. Matlins.  Skylight Paths Publishing.  [BJ-2071-.P47-2000]

Perspectives on Death and Dying: Cross-Cultural and Multi-disciplinary Views. Arthur Berger. The Charles Press. [HQ-1073-.P46-1989]

Pocket Guide to Cultural Assessment. Elaine M. Geissler. Mosby-Year Book, Inc. [RT-86.54-.G45-1994]

The Power of Servant Leadership. Robert K. Greenleaf; edited by Larry C. Spears. Berrett-Koehler. [HM-141-.G687-1998]

Prayers for Healing: 365 Blessings, Poems, & Meditations from Around the World. Edited by Maggies Oman. Conari Press. [BL-65-.M4-P65-1997]

Promoting Cultural Diversity; Strategies for Health Care Professionals. Kathryn Hopkins Kavanagh and Patricia H. Kennedy. SAGE Publications. [RA-418.5-.T73-K38-1992]

Religions, Culture and Healthcare: A Practical Handbook for Use in Healthcare Environments.
Susan Hollins. Radcliffe. [R725.55 .H65 2009x]

Religious Aspects of Medical Care. Zumbro Valley Medical Society Committee on Medicine and Religion. [BL-65-.M4-R4-1974x]

Russian Jewish Culture: A Profile in Minnesota. The Center for Cross-Cultural Health. 2001. [Pamphlet #1979]

Shamanic Healing and Ritual Drama: Health and Medicine in Native North American Religious Traditions. Ake Hultkrantz. Crossroad Herder Book. [E-98-.R3-H825-1992]

Spiritual Caregiving: Healthcare as a Ministry. Verna Benner Carson and Harold G. Koenig. Templeton Foundation Press. [BL-65-.M4-C375-2004]

Spiritual Dimensions of Nursing Practice. Verna Benner Carson. W.B. Saunders Company. [RT-85.2-.C37-1989]

Teaching Transcultural Care; A Guide for Teachers of Nursing and Health Care
. Paula McGee. Chapman & Hall. [RT-86.54-.M34-1992]

Transcultural Aspects of Perinatal Health Care: A Resource Guide. Leonara al., Mary Ann Shah, editor-in-chief. National Perinatal Association. [RG-600-.T73-2002x]

Transcultural Concepts in Nursing Care. Joyceen S. Boyle and Margaret M. Andrews. Scott, Foresman, Little, Brown College Division. [RT-86.54-.A53-1995]

Transcultural Nursing; A Book of Readings. Pamela J. Brink, editor. Waveland Press, Inc. [RT-42-.T7-1990x]

Transcultural Nursing; A Contemporary Imperative. Susan M. Dobson. Scutari Press. [RT-86.5-.D62-1991x]

Transcultural Nursing: Assessment and Intervention. Joyce Newman Giger and Ruth Elaine Davidhizar. Mosby Year Book. [RT-86.54-.T73-1995]

Transitus: A Blessed Death in the Modern World. Therese Schroeder-Sheker. St. Dunstan's Press. [ML-3920-.S36-2001x]

Understanding Arabs: A Guide for Westerners. Margaret K. Nydell. A volume in THE INTERACT SERIES. Intercultural Press, Inc. [DS-36.77-.N93-1996]

Understanding Islam and the Muslims
. Islamic Affairs Department. 1989. [Pamphlet #366]

The United Methodist Tradition: Religious and Health Care Decisions. Park Ridge Center. [Pamphlet #341]

When Someone Dies: A Practical Guide to Holistic Care at the End of Life. Hannah Cooke. Butterworth-Heinemann. [RT-87-.T45-C66-2000]

World Religions for Healthcare Professionals. Edited by Siroj Sorajjakool, et al.  Routledge. [BL65.M4 W67 2010]

World Religions in America; An Introduction. Jacob Neusner, editor. Westminster/John Knox Press. [BL-2525-.W67-1994]


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