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Work/Life Balance: Books

Books, articles, videos and more for anyone dealing with work/life issues.

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The Art of Happiness at Work. The Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler. Riverhead Books. [BF-481-.B76-2003]

Balanced Life: Achieving Success in Work and Love. Alan Joy McGinnis. Augsburg. [BF-637-.S8-M3625-1997]

Balancing Act: How Managers Can Integrate Successful Careers and Fulfilling Personal Lives. Joan Kofodimos. Jossey-Bass. [HD-38.2-.K63-1993]

Balancing Home and Career: Skills for Successful Life Management. Pamela J. Conrad. Crisp Publications. [HQ-759-.C725-1995]

Balancing Work and Family
. Ken Lizotte. American Management Association. [HD-4904.25-.L59-1995]

Beyond the Bottom Line: The Search for Dignity at Work. Paula M. Rayman. Palgrave. [HD-4905-.R35-2001]

Beyond Work-Family Balance: Advancing Gender Equity and Workplace Performance. Rhona Rapoport, Lotte Bailyn, Joyce K. Fletcher, and Bettye H. Pruitt. Jossey-Bass. [HD-6060.5-.U5-B49-2002]

Beyond Work-Family Programs: Confronting and Resolving the Underlying Causes of Work-Personal Life Conflict. Joan R. Kofodimos. Center for Creative Leadership. [HD-4904.25-.K64-1995]

Breaking with Tradition: Women and Work, the New Facts of Life. Felice N. Schwartz. Time Warner Company. [HD-6060.65-.U5-S39-1992]

Burn Brightly Without Burning Out: Balancing Your Career with the Rest of Your Life
. Dick Biggs. Successories. 1998. [Pamphlet #266]

Calm Energy: How People Regulate Mood with Food and Exercise. Robert E. Thayer. Oxford University Press. [RC-454.4-.T46-2003]

Daddy@Work: Loving Your Family, Loving Your Job: Being Your Best in Both Worlds. Robert Wolgemuth. Zondervan Publishing House. [HQ-756-.W64 1999]

Family First: Tales of a Working Father. Bert Blodgett. Grendel Press. [HQ-756-.B56-2002x]

Flex Time: A Working Mother's Guide to Balancing Career and Family. Jacqueline Foley. Marlowe & Company. [HQ-759.48-.F65-2003]

Getting It Right: How Working Mothers Successfully Take Up the Challenge of Life, Family, and Career. Laraine T. Zappert. Pocket Books. [HQ-759.48-.Z36-2001]

Harvard Business Review on Work and Life Balance. Harvard Business School Press. [HD-4904-.H345-2000]

Having it All/Having Enough: How to Create a Career/Family Balance That Works for You. Deborah Lee. AMACOM. [HD-4904.25-.L44-1997]

I Used to Have a Handle on Life But It Broke: Six Power Solutions for Women With Too Much to Do. Mary Loverde. Simon & Schuster. [HQ-1206-.L693-2002]

Integrating Work and Life: The Wharton Resource Guide. Jossey-Bass. [HD-6955-.I4-1998]

It's About Time: Couples and Careers. Edited by Phyllis Moen. ILR Press. [HD-69-.T54-I87-2003]

The Job/Family Challenge. Ellen Bravo. John Wiley & Sons. [HD-4904.25-.B72-1995]

Juggling: The Unexpected Advantages of Balancing Career and Home for Women and Their Families. Faye J. Crosby. The Free Press/Macmillan Inc. [HQ-759.48-.C76- 1991]

Just Enough: Tools for Creating Success in Your Work and Life.
Laura Nash and Howard Stevenson. John Wiley. [HF-5386-.N333-2004]

Kin Care and the American Corporation: Solving the Work/Family Dilemma. Dayle M. Smith. [HF-5549.5.-D39-S65-1991]

Life Matters: Creating a Dynamic Balance of Work, Family, Time, & Money. A. Roger Merrill and Rebecca R. Merrill. McGraw-Hill. [BJ-1581.2-.M47-2003]

Living Your Best Life.
Laura Berman Fortgang. Jeremy P. Tarcher. [BF-637-.S8-F635-2001]

Managing the Demands of Work and Home.
Carol R. Galginaitis. Irwin. [HD-4904.25-.G35-1994]

Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives.
Richard A. Swenson. NavPress. [BV-4501.2-.S94-1992x]

Mass Career Customization: Aligning the Workplace with Today’s Nontraditional Workforce
. Cathleen Benko and Anne Weisberg. Harvard Business School Press. [HD58.8 .B4588 2007]

The Medical Marriage: Sustaining Healthy Relationships for Physicians and Their Families. Wayne Sotile and Mary Sotile. American Medical Association. [R-707.2-.S68-2000]

The Monk and the Riddle: The Art of Creating a Life While Making a Living.
Randy Komisar with Kent Lineback. Harvard Business School Press. [HC-102.5-.K66-A3-2001]

New Direction in Career Planning and the Workplace: Practical Strategies for Career Management Professionals.
Edited by Jean M. Kummerow. Davies-Black Publishing. [HF-5549.5-.C35-N48-2000]

Nurse Leader (Volume 2, #2, April 2004)
has several articles on work and life balance.

Reflections for Working Parents: A Treasure Chest of Truths for Every Working Parent. Carol A. Turkington. McGraw-Hill. [HQ-759.48-.T94-1997]

Repacking Your Bags: Lighten Your Load for the Rest of Your Life. Richard J. Leider and David A. Shapiro. Berrett-Koehler. [BF-637-.S8-L443-1995] [and CD-ROM shelved as: CP004]

Second Innocence: Rediscovering Joy and Wonder: A Guide to Renewal in Work, Relationships, and Daily Life. John Izzo. Berrett-Koehler Publishers. [BJ-1595-.I99-2004]

She Works, He Works: How Two-Income Families are Happier, Healthier, and Better-Off.
Rosalind C. Barnett and Caryl Rivers. Harper. [HQ-536-.B3235-1996]

Solving the Work/Family Puzzle.
Bonnie Michaels and Elizabeth McCarty. Business One Irwin. [HD-4904.25-.M53-1992]

Staying Home Instead: How to Balance Your Family Life (and Your Checkbook).
Christine Davidson. Jossey-Bass. [HQ-759.48-.D38-1998]

Stop Screaming at the Microwave! How to Connect Your Disconnected Life.
Mary LoVerde. Simon & Schuster. [BF-637-.C5-L68-1998]

Survival Skills for Doctors and Their Families.
Ruth Chambers, Kay Mohanna and Steph Chambers. Radcliffe Medical Press. [R-707.2-.C43-2003x]

The Ten Commandments of Working in a Hostile Environment
.  T. D. Jakes.  Berkley Books.  [BV-4593-.J35-2005]

The Three-Career Couple: Mastering the Art of Juggling Work, Home, and Family. Marcia Byalick and Linda Saslow. Peterson's Publications. [HQ-536-.B93-1993]

The Three Marriages: Reimagining Work, Self and Relationship. David Whyte. Riverhead Books. [BF632 .W495 2010]

Thriving in 24/7: Six Strategies for Taming the New World of Work.
Sally Helgesen. The Free Press. [HD-69-.T54-H458-2001]

Treating Compassion Fatigue.
Edited by Charles R. Figley. Brunner-Routledge. [RC-451.4-.M44-T74-2002]

Turn It Off: How to Unplug from the Anytime-Anywhere Office Without Disconnecting Your Career.
Gil Gordon. Three Rivers Press. [HD-69-.T54-G67-2001]

Winning at Work: Breaking Free of Personal Traps to Find Success in the New Workplace.
Mel Sandler and Muriel Gray. Davies-Black. [HF-5548.85-.S26-1999]

Women at Work: Leadership for the Next Century.
Dayle Smith. Prentice Hall. [HD-6052-.S63-2000]

Work Overload!: Redesigning Jobs to Minimize Stress and Burnout.
Frank M. Gryna. ASQ Quality Press. [HF-5548.85-.G79-2004]

Working Fathers: New Strategies for Balancing Work and Family. Addison-Wesley. [HQ-756-.L474-1997]

The Working Parent Dilemma: How to Balance the Responsibilities of Children and Careers.
Earl A. Grollman and Gerri L. Sweder. Beacon Press. [HQ-777.6-.G76-1986]

The Working Mother's Complete Handbook.
Gloria Norris and Jo Ann Miller. Revised edition. New American Library. [HD-6055.2-U6-N67-1984]

The Working Mother's Guilt Guide.
Mary C. Hickey and Sandra Salmans. Penguin Books. [HQ-759.48-.H53-1992]

The Working Woman's Guide to Managing Stress.
J. Robin Powell with Holly George-Warren. Prentice-Hall. [RA-785-.P695-1994]