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Overdues and Replacement Library Materials: Home

Overdues and Replacement of Lost or Damaged Library Material

While the Library does not charge overdue fees, patrons will be billed for replacement of items not returned in a timely manner. Patrons are notified of the replacement process in a formal bill sent via email or clinic mail when an item is not returned, or is returned damaged.

Replacement fee is based on the purchase price of the newest available edition of the title plus a $75.00 processing fee.

Patrons who agree to replace a lost or damaged item can self-purchase a new copy of the latest edition as replacement to eliminate the library’s $75.00 processing fee. Substitutions for titles that are no longer available or out-of-print can be made with permission by appropriate Library Staff.

Please contact the library before proceeding with any replacement activity. There is a designated staff member at each library site who is ready to assist you and decide when the replacement process should begin.

Should a user fail to honor their responsibility in returning or replacing library material, their departmental supervisor will be contacted. If unresolved, the patron’s department will be billed for the outstanding costs.