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Venables Health Sciences Library: Home

This guide provides general information about Venables Health Sciences Library.


24/7 access for the MCSHS

Accessing the Venables Library

Campus: Downtown Rochester

Location: Siebens Building, Tenth Floor, Room 02

Maps of Mayo Rochester

The Library and Model Rooms are only accessible to MCSHS students and faculty and unlock upon scanning ID Badge.

The Siebens building and elevators can be accessed with a Mayo Clinic Badge. Accessible entrance via the West doors (facing Mayo Building) or the Subway Level. On the Subway level, the main elevators require opening heavy doors, there is another elevator between the Siebens 1st floor lobby and Hall of Benefactors in the Subway. 

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Venables Health Sciences Library

Venables Health Sciences Library supports the students and faculty of the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences.

Available at Venables

  • Anatomical Models
  • Course Reserves
  • Computers
  • Expert Searching Assistance by appointment
  • Library Database Classes

Available at Plummer

  • Additional books 
  • Flashcards
  • Journals

Borrowing Privileges

  • Anatomical models: For in-library use only; for special requests please contact library staff

  • Reserve material: For use on Siebens 10 & 11; please sign the blue card inside the book and leave it on the nearby shelf and when finished, place the card back in the pocket and re-shelve the book

Highlighted Resources

One of the unique characteristics of the Venables Library is the presence of anatomical models. Two sets of bones (in "bone boxes"), a skeleton, and individual models of the ear, eye, heart, skull, thorax, internal organs, arm and leg musculature, hand, foot, and spine are available for study and use in demonstrations on the Mayo Clinic campus.

Venables Staff

Who were the Venables?

C. Paul and Irene G. Venables were loyal patients and generous benefactors to Mayo Clinic throughout their lifetimes. In fact, Irene was an employee of Mayo Clinic for a short time from 1927 until 1929. In 1928 she married C. Paul Venables, and the newlyweds moved to Winona, Minnesota. There they owned the C. Paul Venables Cadillac dealership for many years.  Since the passing of Mr. and Mrs. Venables, the C. Paul and Irene G. Venables Foundation has continued the tradition of giving to Mayo. The Venables Health Sciences Library is named in honor of Mr. and Mrs. C. Paul Venables.