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Reserve Group Rooms at Mayo Clinic Libraries: Home

This guide contains instructions and policies for reserving group rooms at the Plummer and Saint Marys Staff Libraries

Reserve Group Rooms at Mayo Clinic Libraries

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All group room reservations are currently cancelled due to COVID. A general announcement will be made when group rooms are available again.

How to Reserve a Group Room

How to Reserve a Library Study Room

1. Go to  library website, click on "Locations", click on "Plummer Library" and then click on the "Study Rooms" tab.

2. Click on "reserve a study room"

3. The calendar will default to today's date but you cannot make reservations the day of, so click on "Next Available" or "Go To Date"

4. Pick which Study Room you prefer and click on the green space to select the time frame you would like. Once you click on the start time, it will change from green to orange.

6. To extend the time frame of the reservation simply click on the next time slot with a maximum of three hours

7. Notice the additional time slots will change color from green to orange too. Next, click on the blue "Submit Times" button at the bottom of the page.

8. The next page will be a confirmation page, make sure all information is correct and click on the blue "Submit my Booking" button.

9. You should receive a confirmation email sent to your Mayo Clinic email address.

Group Room Policies and Procedures

Group Room Policies

Library Group Rooms are available on Plummer 11, Plummer 12, and at the Saint Marys Staff Library. They can be reserved by any Mayo Clinic staff member or student.

The intended purpose is to provide a space for meeting, discussion and collaboration within the library. Reservations for single occupants are not encouraged. Groups have priority use of these rooms, and may ask single users to find another work area.

Library Group Rooms can be reserved in increments of one hour, with a maximum of three hours in one day. 

Reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance, but cannot be made less than 24 hours in advance.

Reservations are considered canceled if not kept within the first 15 minutes.

**Please do not leave belongings unattended in the rooms. Rooms cannot be locked and are therefore not secure.**

Rochester Group Room List
Plummer 11 Group Rooms Plummer 12 Group Rooms Saint Marys Group Rooms
Plummer 11-11 (Presentation Room, capacity 12)
Plummer 11-27 (capacity 8)
Plummer 11-28 (capacity 8)
Plummer 11-29 (capacity 8)
Plummer 12-11 (capacity 8)
Plummer 12-27 (capacity 8)
Plummer 12-28 (capacity 8)
Plummer 12-29 (capacity 8)
Saint Marys 503 (capacity 6)
Saint Marys 513 (capacity 6)

For additional assistance with Plummer Group Room reservations, contact Erica Ross.

For additional assistance with Saint Marys Group Room reservations, contact Madie Hamilton