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Nurse Anesthesia Resources: Databases & Journals

This guide contains featured new books at Plummer Library, ebooks, and student reserve books available at Venables Library. Additionally, journals, web resources and database searching tips pertaining to nurse anesthesia are presented. This guide is prim

Consider Searching These Databases for Articles:

Searching for a PICO(T)-based Question

A well-built clinial/research question includes 4 or more components:

P = patient/population

I = intervention

C = comparison or "gold standard"

O = outcome(s)

(T) = timeframe, type of question


Tip: When searching, pick out the 2 or 3 most significant elements; forcing all pieces of the question may not yield useful results.

Example PICO Question:

Among children receiving general anesthesia, what are the risk factors for adverse perioperative respiratory events?