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Saint Marys Patients' Library: Noteworthy

Hospital Patients' Libraries serve hospitalized patients and their families.

Mayo Podcasts

Dr. Denise Millstine, M.D. launches book-focused podcast to extend reach, improve patient outcomes

I want to help listeners better understand and manage their health conditions by putting the right book in the right hands at the right time. For example:

  • Someone going through perimenopause might benefit from the episode and book "What Fresh Hell is This?" by Heather Corrinna.
  • A woman whose daughter-in-law just had a miscarriage might understand the process of grieving that loss through the book "Brood" by Jacqueline Polzin.
  • A friend whose friend is dying might see aspects of her journey reflected in "We All Want Impossible Things" by Catherine Newman.
  • Someone who has never considered transgender or nonbinary parenting could learn from Kris Malcolm Belc's "The Natural Mother of the Child."
  • A healthcare professional could learn about well-being from "I Can’t Save You" by Anthony Chin-Quee or take a deeper look at how racism affects healthcare and chronic illness by listening to episodes about those topics.