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Change Management: Media

Resources on Change and Agility

Audio CDs & DVDs


Change Anything: the new science of personal success [6 audio CDs]  BF637 C4 C42 2011b

Synopsis: A stunning new approach to how individuals can not only change their lives for the better in the workplace, but also their lives away from the office, including (but not limited to) finding ways to improve one's working relationship with others, one's overall health, outlook on life, and so on. For example, why is it that 95% of all diet attempts fail? Why do New Year's Resolutions last no more than a few days? Why can't people with good intentions seem to make consistent and positive strides in the way they want to improve their careers, financial fitness, physical fitness, and so on? Based upon the latest research in a number of psychological and medical fields, the authors of CHANGE ANYTHING will show that traditional will-power is not necessarily the answer to these strivings, that people are affected in their behaviors by far more subtle influences. CHANGE ANYTHING shows how individuals can come to understand these powerful and influential forces, and how to put these forces to work in a positive manner that brings real and meaningful results. The authors present an array of everyday examples that will change and truly empower you to reexamine the way you go about your business and life.



Five Action Steps to Make Change Work for You: Anna's story  [1 DVD]   BF637.C4 S657 2010x

Snyoposis: Presents five action steps--simple but powerful--to become change-resilient when faced with unwelcome changes including a new job, new assignment, new boss, a longer commute.


Leading Change by John P. Kotter  [5 audio CDs]  HD58.8 .K65 2007

Synposis: Dr. Kotter offers a practical approach to an organized means of leading, not managing, change. He presents an eight-stage process of change with useful examples that show how to go about implementing it. Based on experience with numerous companies, his sound advice gets directly at the reasons why organizations fail to change – reasons that concern primarily the leader.


Switch: How to Change Things when Change Is Hard. [6 audio CDs]. BF637.C4 H43 2010x
By Chip Health and Dan Heath. (unabridged version)

Synopsis: Offers insight into the difficult nature of lasting change, presenting metaphorical illustrations of the conflict between the instinctual and the intellectual areas of the brain while sharing case stories of successful individuals and organizations.