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Hot Rocks: Home

This recognition program includes giving a “Hot Rock” from peer to peer in recognition of exceptional service, relying on Mayo Service Essentials as a baseline for defining service.

DAZZLE 1/19/2022

 Emily Brown

 Congratulations on a super job creating your first exhibit for the Plummer 12 cases!




January Work Anniversaries

Marla Battey Happy work anniversary!  (January 2)

Vladana Gajic-Zoric Happy work anniversary!  (January 4) 
Cynthia Beeler  
Happy work anniversary!  (January 8)

Erin O'Neill Happy work anniversary!  (January 12)

Leslie Hassett  Happy work anniversary!  (January 16)

Malasha Martinez  Happy work anniversary!  (January 28)




SHINE 12/1/2021

Tara Brigham
Tara joyfully and thoroughly shares her time and vast knowledge of research processes at Mayo Clinic.

December Work Anniversaries

Karen Koka Happy work anniversary!  (December 6)

Yan Li  Happy work anniversary!  (December 6)

Julie Taylor Happy work anniversary!  (December 14) 

Leah Osterhaus Trzasko Happy work anniversary!  (December 25) 
Mark Wentz  
Happy work anniversary!  (December 27)




November Work Anniversaries

Erica Ross Happy work anniversary!  (November 5)

Larry Prokop Happy work anniversary! (November 7) 
Jennifer Schram  
Happy work anniversary!  (November  13)

Mona Stevermer   Happy work anniversary!  (November  30)

Stephanie Doerre  Happy work anniversary!  (November  30)



BRAVO 10/28/2021

  Mark Wentz 

 Thank you for your help and computer expertise working with an Emeritus physician! You went above and beyond in response to my question by Skype, by coming up to help in person. Both the patron and I are very grateful!




Sparkle 10/20/2021

Joyce Madden and the ILL Staff

Many thanks for your stunningly fast ILL and document delivery service! I'm super-impressed.



DAZZLE 10/6/2021

 Tona Keene

Thank you for volunteering as a Heritage Program Ambassador!






Sparkle 10/6/2021

Julie Taylor

Thank you for your efforts for us as Well Being Champion!




SHINE 10/6/2021

Juanita Greenwell and Tona Keene
Thank you for being the Community Giving Advocates for this year's campaign!

SHINE 10/5/2021

Beth Miller
She helped a patron for me that needed to scan some paper when the green printer decide to not scan for the patron.

October Work Anniversaries

Michael Meyers Happy work anniversary!  (October 1)

Matt Hoy Happy work anniversary!  (October 6) 
 Cindy Heltne 
Happy work anniversary!  (October 17)



September Work Anniversaries

Dawn Swalboski Happy work anniversary!  (September 10)

Victoria Clifton  Happy work anniversary!  (September 19) 
 Katherine Kough 
Happy work anniversary!  (September 25)

 Rosie Lund  Happy work anniversary!  (September 26)



THANKS 8/26/2021

Kelly Arp-Berge

Quickly helping me answer several book-related questions I got from patrons!

THANKS 8/12/2021

Mark Wentz

Mark helped move a saved search from one account to another on MayoAuthors database. The patron was very, very pleased!!

August Work Anniversaries

Beth Miller Happy work anniversary!  (August 2)
 Julie Swenson 
Happy work anniversary!  (August 3)

Dana Gerberi  Happy work anniversary!  (August 12)

Carolyn Wiebold   Happy work anniversary! (August 13)

Stephanie Wentz Happy work anniversary! (August 14)

Emily Christopherson  Happy work anniversary! (August 25)

Noella Merchant   Happy work anniversary! (August 26)

DAZZLE 7/26/2021

 Elissa Kinzelman-Vesely

 Noticed a technical software issue, found the solution and notified colleagues who may be impacted so they're also in the know




THANKS 7/12/2021

Joyce McFadden

Helping with an issue late on a Friday for a VIP patron. Thank you for your help and support Joyce!

July Work Anniversaries

Brad Haugen Happy work anniversary ! (July 2)
 Renee Ziemer  Happy work anniversary!  (July 7)

Jeanne Klein  Happy work anniversary!  (July 29)

Kathryn Balek    Happy work anniversary! (July 29)

BRAVO 6/9/2021

  Erin ONeill

 For thinking ahead and saving me from having to individually click through 300 duplicate records!




June Work Anniversaries

Karen Larsen   Happy work anniversary on  June 19

Heather Jett  Happy work anniversary on  June 20

Kelly Arp  Happy work anniversary on  June 23

Ellen Aaronson    Happy work anniversary on June 26 

Sparkle 06/03/2020

Rochester, AZ, FL Libraries, Historical Units and Heritage Days

Huge shout out of thanks for the kind, warm welcomes! I greatly appreciate everyone's willingness and availability to help me transition into my new position! I have landed in my happy place! Thank you!



THANKS 06/01/2021

All of the library staff who helped gather data for the ACRL [Academic College & Research Libraries] Facilities Survey.

Your counts of square footage, seats etc. enabled the successful and timely submission of the survey response. It would not have been possible without all of your help. It is truly appreciated.

May Work Anniversaries

Vito Tedeschi   Happy work anniversary on  May 1

Tamra Kirk Happy work anniversary on  May 9

Penny Wilson Happy work anniversary on  May 20

Sidni Ross    Happy work anniversary on May 29 

DAZZLE 4/21/2021

 Victoria Clifton, Emily Christopherson, Jeanne Klein, Karen Koka, Anna Beth Morgan

 For being an amazing search committee for the new Florida archivist position.





THANKS 04/12/2021

Erica Ross and the Plummer Circulation Team

For helping the Fye Center with a conservation project.

April Work Anniversaries

Juanita Greenwell  Happy Work Anniversary ! April 13

Garrett Meyers    Happy Work Anniversary ! April 13

Nicole Babcock Happy Work Anniversary !  April 29

Hilary Lane  Happy Work Anniversary !  April 29


Sparkle 3/26/2021

Penny Wilson

For taking the initiative and sanitizing most of the library surfaces so I wouldn't have to do it all myself at closing. Thanks for stepping up with such a nice gesture, it was appreciated!




THANKS 3/23/2021

Lisa Marks, Cindy Heltne, Diana Almader-Douglas, and Jodi Ciuk

For their assistance with patient library requests and their flexibility dealing with my last-minute schedule changes due to jury service over the past week.

BRAVO 3/17/2021

Dawn Swalboski & Entire Technical Services Team
 For the incredibly physical, time consuming, and massive job of working at the warehouse discarding collections. They all have an outstanding work ethic and are so efficient!




BRAVO 3/10/2021

Leslie Hassett
 Leslie shared a very well written commentary on her thoughts of working remotely and human connection. Her honesty, openness, and courage should be applauded. Well done Leslie!




March Work Anniversaries

Leah Emerick Happy work anniversary!  (March 2)

Elissa Kinzelman Vesely Happy work anniversary!  (March 2)

Cindy Losee Happy work anniversary!  (March 6

Scott Vermeersch  Happy work anniversary!  (March 6)

Anna Beth Morgan  Happy work anniversary!  (March 7)

Kari Bernard Happy work anniversary!  (March 20)

Joan Nelson Happy work anniversary!  (March 20

Tona Keene Happy work anniversary!  (March 23)

Tara Brigham  Happy work anniversary!  (March 24)

Gail Laxen Happy work anniversary!  (March 26

Jennifer Goodrich Happy work anniversary!  (March 27)





SHINE 2/3/2021

Nicole Babcock & Tyson Robinson
Nicole and Tyson quickly provided important information about archival space at the Rochester and Arizona location. I am hopeful this will allow the archival space in Florida to start off on the right foot!

DAZZLE 2/1/2021

 Emily Christopherson & Hilary Lane

 Emily for scanning the first Subgroup of the Archives Photograph collection (Special Collections)--almost 1,500 images; they were a mix of prints, negatives, and slides. She scanned each image at preservation quality and saved it as a TIF. Then she created a user copy JPG and a low quality thumbnail of each one to upload to SKCA (archival catalog) so the image appears along with the record when people are searching MAX, the public interface for SKCA. Hilary is helping to upload the images into SKCA—so far 1,150--and the remaining 300+ should be up in not too long!




February Work Anniversaries

Lisa Marks Happy work anniversary!  (February 3)

Joyce McFadden Happy work anniversary!  (February 12) 

Emily Brown  Happy work anniversary!  (February 28)

Marilyn Pitzen  Happy work anniversary!  (February 28)




THANKS 12/23/2020

ARZ Library Team

A HUGE shout out to the ARZ Library Team for handling a quick move and change with grace and style! Teamwork so, so appreciated!

BRAVO 12/8/2020

Matt Hoy
 It makes it much more comfortable to ask for help that you have 'How can I help?' as your Skype message, and I really appreciate that.




Sparkle 12/7/2020

Emily Brown

Thank you for going above and beyond in coordinating the 'Thank You' gifts for all of the staff! It is appreciated.




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