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Hot Rocks: Home

This recognition program includes giving a “Hot Rock” from peer to peer in recognition of exceptional service, relying on Mayo Service Essentials as a baseline for defining service. All submissions are anonymous.

THANKS 6/28/2022

Tara Brigham

Always being such a great sounding board and source of support!

SHINE 5/23/2023

Gioia Spatafora and Mona Stevermer

For doing a great job managing the ceiling leak in the Historical Suite.

Dazzle 5/23/2022

 Michele, Kari & Beth

Assisting with a rush Joint Commission-related search




May Work Anniversaries

Vito Tedeschi   Happy work anniversary on  May 1

Thea Fisher  Happy work anniversary on  May 2

Tamra Kirk Happy work anniversary on  May 9

Penny Wilson Happy work anniversary on  May 20

Carole LaRochelle  Happy work anniversary on  May 24


THANKS 4/13/2022

Jennifer Schram

Extra help with UKG and timecard issues

April Work Anniversaries

Juanita Greenwell  Happy Work Anniversary ! April 13

Garrett Meyers    Happy Work Anniversary ! April 13

Nicole Babcock Happy Work Anniversary !  April 29



Dazzle 3/10/2023

 Joan Nelson

 The moving contractors involved in packing and moving our journals to the warehouse mentioned today how much they appreciated the assistance by all staff, in particular the warm welcome and guidance they received from Joan Nelson at the warehouse. Kindness is contagious!




March Work Anniversaries

Leah Emerick Happy work anniversary!  (March 2)

Cindy Losee Happy work anniversary!  (March 6

Scott Vermeersch  Happy work anniversary!  (March 6)

Anna Beth Morgan  Happy work anniversary!  (March 7)

Kari Bernard Happy work anniversary!  (March 20)

Joan Nelson Happy work anniversary!  (March 20

Tona Keene Happy work anniversary!  (March 23)

Tara Brigham  Happy work anniversary!  (March 24)

Gail Laxen Happy work anniversary!  (March 26

Jennifer Goodrich Happy work anniversary!  (March 27)





February Work Anniversaries



Lisa Marks Happy work anniversary!  (February 3)

Brooke Weber Happy work anniversary! (February 11)

Barbara Larsen Happy work anniversary!  (February 11)

Joyce McFadden Happy work anniversary!  (February 12)

Carol Ann Attwood  Happy work anniversary!  (February 20) 

Diana Rogers Happy work anniversary!  (February 22) 

Emily Brown  Happy work anniversary!  (February 28)

Marilyn Pitzen  Happy work anniversary!  (February 28)




Sparkle 1/30/2023

Beth Miller

Thank you for always being willing to help explain why certain statistics are needed and how to record them.




BRAVO 1/20/2022

  Thea Fisher, Erica Ross, & Marilyn Pitzen

Deep cleaning the Venables models, books, and model room for patrons!




January Work Anniversaries

Marla Battey Happy work anniversary!  (January 2)

Michele McGinnis Happy work anniversary!  (January 3)

Cynthia Chelf Happy work anniversary!  (January 8)

Erin O'Neill Happy work anniversary!  (January 12)

Leslie Hassett  Happy work anniversary!  (January 16)

Katie Eidem  Happy work anniversary!  (January 24)

Malasha Martinez  Happy work anniversary!  (January 28)

Jasmin Zacate Happy work anniversary!  (January 31)




DAZZLE 1/3/2023

 Madie Hamilton

 For her expedient assistance with a rush request before the holiday

SORRY Maddie this was submitted on Friday, Dec. 23 of which I wasn't working and I was off on PTO last week.~Marilyn




BRAVO 12/1/2022

  Cynthia Chelf

For rearranging her schedule so she could work on an "urgent" request from Dr. Meyer ; “total number of publications by graduating seniors”; needed this afternoon




December Work Anniversaries

Karen Koka Happy work anniversary!  (December 6)

Yan Li  Happy work anniversary!  (December 6)

Julie Taylor Happy work anniversary!  (December 14) 

Leah Osterhaus Trzasko Happy work anniversary!  (December 25) 
Mark Wentz  
Happy work anniversary!  (December 27)




SHINE 11/8/2022

Cindy Losee

Thanks to Cindy for braving Plummer 16 to help find and move journals. You made a tedious task much more pleasant and efficient!

November Work Anniversaries


Erica Ross Happy work anniversary!  (November 5)

Larry Prokop Happy work anniversary! (November 7) 
Jennifer Schram  
Happy work anniversary!  (November  13)

Cynthia Avallone   Happy work anniversary!  (November  18)

Mona Stevermer   Happy work anniversary!  (November  30)

Stephanie Doerre  Happy work anniversary!  (November  30)



Sparkle 10/26/2022

 Emily Brown

Emily has been a huge help training new staff and assisting with special orders for library outreach. Thank you!!




DAZZLE 10/20/2022

 Cindy Heltne

For her remarkable ability to connect with patients and staff as she worked ALL of our outreach tables this week! for National Medical Librarians Month!






Sparkle 10/20/2022

Tara B, Emily B, Stephanie MF, Erica R, and Julie T

The Diversity Equity and Inclusion Newsletter is fantastic! I was able to attend a webinar suggested there and learned a lot about digital equity. Thank you all so much for all your hard work!




October Work Anniversaries

Michael Meyers Happy work anniversary!  (October 1)

Matt Hoy Happy work anniversary!  (October 6) 
 Cindy Heltne 
Happy work anniversary!  (October 17)



BRAVO 10/4/2022

  Members of the Staff Development Days Planning Committee Dana Gerberi, Nicole Babcock, Kat Balek, Cynthia Beeler, Carole LaRochelle, Gail Laxen, Beth Miller, Jennifer Schram

Fantastic planning and organization of the 2022 SDD!



September Work Anniversaries

Melissa Wagner Happy work anniversary!  (September 13)

Victoria Clifton  Happy work anniversary!  (September 19)

Katherine Kough Happy work anniversary!  (September 25)




TADA 8/25/2022

   Scott Vermeersch

 For being able to figure out bugs in my programming code so quickly!




August Work Anniversaries

Sydni Abrahamsen  Happy work anniversary!  (August 1)

Beth Miller Happy work anniversary!  (August 2)

Diana Almader-Douglas  Happy work anniversary!  (August 10)
Dana Gerberi  Happy work anniversary!  (August 12)

Carolyn Wiebold   Happy work anniversary! (August 13)

Ty Robinson  Happy work anniversary! (August 13)

Stephanie Wentz Happy work anniversary! (August 14)

Emily Christopherson  Happy work anniversary! (August 25)



July Work Anniversaries

Brad Haugen Happy work anniversary ! (July 2)
 Renee Ziemer  Happy work anniversary!  (July 7)

Jeanne Klein  Happy work anniversary!  (July 29)

Kathryn Balek    Happy work anniversary! (July 29)

THANKS 6/28/2022

Kari Bernard

sent a book from St Mary's to Plummer for Joyce and me to send to patron in Iowa!

Dazzle 6/27/2022

   Brad Haugen

 Providing an extra hand on short notice




BRAVO 6/21/2022

  Erica Ross

Helped a patron find his word document and exceeded successful in finding them




Sparkle 6/21/2022

Cindy Losee & Jasmine Zacate

They both helped assist me with programing my phone




Dazzle 7/16/2022

 Carolyn Wiebold & Marla Battey

 Carolyn and Marla assisted with a SMH staff RUSH ILL request. This was the patron's first experience with ILL. He received it by afternoon of the same day. What a great team effort! Patron was extremely happy.




June Work Anniversaries



Stephanie McFarland   Happy work anniversary on  June 7

Karen Larsen   Happy work anniversary on  June 19

Heather Jett  Happy work anniversary on  June 20

Kelly Arp Berge Happy work anniversary on  June 23

Ellen Aaronson    Happy work anniversary on June 26 

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