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Hot Rocks: Home

This recognition program includes giving a “Hot Rock” from peer to peer in recognition of exceptional service, relying on Mayo Service Essentials as a baseline for defining service.

THANKS 10/26/2020

Cindy Heltne, Syndi Abrahamsen, Lisa Marks

Thank you for covering the hospital library while I was out ill. You really do rock!

Sparkle 10/23/2020

Beth Miller

For pulling and visualizing a range of library statistical information for multiple purposes. Very helpful for others to understand the value of the library and much appreciated!




THANKS 10/14/2020

Gail Laxen

Gail took the time to help me with a Nursing question for a patron.

October Work Anniversaries

Michael Meyers Happy work anniversary!  (October 1)

Matt Hoy Happy work anniversary!  (October 6) 
 Cindy Heltne 
Happy work anniversary!  (October 17)



DAZZLE 9/2/2020

 Kari Bernard

 For quickly assisting with a book order request over the phone by an impatient physician.




September Work Anniversaries

Dawn Swalboski  Happy work anniversary!  (September 10)

Victoria Clifton Happy work anniversary!  (September 19) FL
 Rosie Lund 
Happy work anniversary!  (September 26)



August Work Anniversaries

Beth Miller Happy work anniversary!  (August 2)
 Julie Swenson 
Happy work anniversary!  (August 3)

Dana Gerberi  Happy work anniversary!  (August 12)

Carolyn Wiebold   Happy work anniversary! (August 13)

Stephanie Wentz Happy work anniversary! (August 14)

Emily Christopherson  Happy work anniversary! (August 25)

Noella Merchant   Happy work anniversary! (August 26)

July Work Anniversaries

Brad Haugen Happy work anniversary ! (July 2)
 Renee Ziemer  Happy work anniversary!  (July 7)

Jean Klein  Happy work anniversary!  (July 29)

Kathryn Balek    Happy work anniversary! (July 29)

SHINE 6/23/2020

Kelly Arp-Berge
Congratulations on your 17th work year  anniversary at Mayo! Thanks for all you do!

THANKS 06/08/2020

Joyce McFadden & Erica Ross

Thank you Joyce and Erica for your excellent leadership and support of your Access Services team! You go above and beyond and are very appreciated!

BRAVO 6/4/2020

  Diana Almader-Douglas

 Kudos and hats off to Diana for saving a HUGE EndNote file!!




BRAVO 6/1/2020

  Joan Nelson, Tona Keene, Carolyn Wiebold, Penny Wilson

 Access Services team has done an EXCELLENT job of cranking through over 400+ article request scans in less than 4 days! Thank you for your hard work and team mentality!




April 29 and May Work Anniversaries

Nicole Babcock  and Hilary Lane
 Happy work anniversary to you both (April 29)!

Tamra Kirk Happy work anniversary on  May 9

Penny Wilson Happy work anniversary on  May 20

Sidni Ross    Happy work anniversary on May 29 

DAZZLE 4/17/2020

Karen Koka

Thank you for  answering our numerous indexing questions and creating indexing guides. You rock!




SHINE 4/17/2020

Dawn Swalboski
Thank you for looking out for all of us who work with you!

SHINE 4/14/2020

Juanita Greenwell
Congratulations on your 5-year anniversary at Mayo!

THANKS 06/08/2020

Thank you to ALL the supervisors and technical personal of the Mayo Libraries

 For allowing us to keep working remotely from our homes during this virus crisis.

THANKS 03/28/2020

Thank you to ALL the supervisors and technical personal of the Mayo Libraries

 For allowing us to keep working remotely from our homes during this virus crisis.

BRAVO 3/27/2020

  Anna Beth

 Thank you for your guidance and professionalism during this uncertain time.




DAZZLE 3/27/2020

Matt Hoy

Thank you Matt for your guidance and support this past week. The staff greatly appreciate your technical help with setting up VPN and technology needs so that we can work from home.




THANKS 03/27/2020

Matt Hoy

 Thank you for helping the entire Plummer Access Services team get set-up with remote access and all our technology needs!

Sparkle 3/25/2020

Tara Brigham

Congratulations on your 10-year anniversary at Mayo Clinic.




Sparkle 3/24/2020

Tona Keene

Happy 32nd Workiversary!!!




Sparkle 3/20/2020

Kari Bernard

Happy 20 years working at the Mayo Clinic!!!




Sparkle 3/23/2020

Joan Nelson

Happy 14 years working at Mayo Clinic!!!




BRAVO 2/17/2020

  Beth Miller  For going above and beyond with assistance in gathering annual statistics for ARZ Libraries...




DAZZLE 1/13/2020

 Nicole Babcock

 Flexibility with the exhibit schedule and a wonderful new PL 12 exhibit.




SHINE 12/20/2019

Joan Nelson
Joan had a very heavy workload the past couple weeks and cranked through it completely solo with a great attitude. She never complains and continues to laugh during stressful moments. Keep up the great work!

THANKS 12/5/2019

Matt Hoy

 Appreciate the assistance with recovering a lost search request from the triage box!

THANKS 11/20/2019

Renee Ziemer

 Thank you for helping me clean my old office so it looks presentable when Jeanne moves in!

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