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Donating Books/Materials to the Library: Home

This LibGuide describes the procedure for donating materials to the Mayo Clinic Libraries.

How do I donate books or other materials to the Library?

Gifts of traditional book, journal or manuscript resources that enhance the collections of the Mayo Libraries are appreciated and welcomed. The Library evaluates the need for all potential gifts using the criteria outline in the Collection Development Policy for the Mayo Clinic Libraries and Historical Units . Materials offered as gifts that fall outside the collection policy are generally not accepted.  

Gifts of library materials from Mayo employees and external donors are considered unrestricted by Mayo Foundation. The final disposition of any material received as a gift is made in the best interest of the Mayo libraries and may include addition to an appropriate collection, exchange, discard, or sale.  For further information please consult the Gift Acceptance Procedure for Mayo Clinic Libraries and Historical Units

Prospective donors are encouraged to contact the Plummer Library Acquisition Department (Plummer 1137), 507-284-8106, to discuss a donation before delivery of the material to one of the Mayo libraries. Generally, the donor will be asked to describe the material or supply a list. A prepared list should include the title, author, publisher, date, edition, and number of volumes or issues. Delivery of accepted materials is usually the donor's responsibility.

Alternative Disposition 
The Mayo Libraries are unable to provide services for the alternative disposition of materials when a gift cannot be used in one of the Mayo Libraries. A wide variety of organizations facilitate the disposition of books and journals to foundations, groups, and medical institutions in other countries. Lists are available from State University of New York at Buffalo.


Need to know more?  Contact Colin Wilkins or Kelly Arp-Berge