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MCASOM - Health Literacy Selective: Home

Criteria for Health Literacy Selective

Thank you for your interest in the Health Literacy Selective. Please review the criteria below:

  • First, contact the librarian at your campus (Cynthia Chelf (Rochester campus), Lisa Marks (Arizona campus), or Tara Brigham (Florida campus)) for pre-approval. Students should work with the librarian at their respective campus.
  • Fill out the MCASOM selective form found here and submit it to your learning management system.

During your selective week: 

  • Complete the assigned readings.
  • Watch the assigned videos.
  • Conduct a minimum of three interviews with family, friends, acquaintances, etc. about a time when they had a hard time understanding their healthcare professional. This could be at a doctor's office, pharmacy, or hospital. Ask them how this made them feel, and what they would like you to know as a medical student.
  • Write two essays. 1) How will your knowledge of health literacy issues impact how you practice medicine? 2) Reflect on the interviews and their answers to your questions. 
  • Send your essays to Cynthia, Lisa, or Tara by the end of your selective.
  • Schedule a 30-minute meeting via Outlook with Cynthia, Lisa, or Tara to discuss your selective experience. The meeting should occur the week after the selective, but can be negotiated with the librarian.