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Searching Historical Publications: Mayovox and Saint Marys Hospital News Bulletin (SMNB): Home

How to find name and topical term references in Mayovox and the Saint Marys Hospital News Bulletin (SMNB) using MAX (Mayo Archives Xplorer)

How do I… Search for Information in Mayovox and the Saint Marys Hospital News Bulletin?

This guide will show you how to search for information in two of the Clinic's historical news publications:  the Mayovox  newspaper and the Saint Marys Hospital News Bulletin (SMNB) using the Mayo Archives Xplorer (MAX): The steps below use Mayovox as an example, but they apply to SMNB also. 

Useful Tips:

  • Indexing is not done to a particular page in Mayovox issues. Page down in the PDF until you find the term or reference you need. 
  • Page number indexing is available for SMNB issues, but is currently only complete through June 1962. This project is ongoing.
  • Clicking on a PDF icon on any page retrieves the scan of that Mayovox or SMNB issue:  The PDF is printable.
  • Download speeds for the PDFs are variable; resolution improves as the download is completed.
  • Most photographs in Mayovox can be ordered through the Media Support Services (MSS) Digital Image or File Retrieval page: .  MSS will need the Vol., No., and date of the issue in which the image appears and a brief description. 
  • Availability of SMNB photographs is variable; ask Fye Center staff for assistance.

A search can be limited to either of the publications or to both, by clicking in the “Limit to…” check boxes. 

Enter a keyword term or terms, name or phrase, followed by an asterisk *. 

Click the Search button.


Terms or names entered without the “Limit to…” filter will retrieve a much larger number of hits, mixed with other archival collection records that meet the same search criteria.

The “Search Results” page appears with the words “Displaying items ___ of ___”  to indicate the number of hits your search has retrieved.

Mayovox issues are usually, but not always, shown first, depending on the computer search rankings assigned.

The computer rankings assigned to an item in the list may or may not fit your own criteria for a match, so be willing to browse at all levels of the Displaying items list.

Clicking on the text "See more about ISSUE" will take you to the Summary page.



The "Summary" page includes:

  • A "Creator" section with either personal names or corporate names (committees, organizations, departments, etc.) found  in articles and/or photographs in the scan of that issue.


  • A "Subjects" section that lists significant topics and keywords found in the issue.


  • A "Descriptive Notes" section with the titles of articles and other features such as cartoons in the issue.




Any text in light blue font is a live link, eg. clicking on "Hobby Show" will take you to...


...the "Displaying items" page, with a list of all other issues that contain that name or term, and further links to their PDFs.  Note that some of these related "Items about" may also include archival materials in addition to other issues of both Mayovox and SMNB.

Clicking on a PDF icon on any page retrieves the scan of that Mayovox or SMNB issue: 

The PDF is printable.






Please remember to "Log Out" by clicking on that text in the upper right corner of the screen.

Entering and limiting searches - examples

Example:  Limit search to Mayovox  issues only:


Example:  Limit search to both Mayovox and SMNB issues:

Search Results page

Search results for the term "China"

Summary page

Live links

Displaying items page

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