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Subject guide with library, Mayo, and web resources on the medical humanities

Quotes from students

Reading is an empathic act. (Camilo Mejia, class of 2021)

Reading keeps me sane. (Jennifer Dens Higano, class of 2021)

Criteria for Reading Selective

Thank you for your interest in the Medical Humanities Reading Selective. Please review the criteria below:

  • Fill out the selective form found here and submit it to your learning management system with a copy to Cynthia Chelf (Rochester campus) or Lisa Marks (Arizona campus). Students should work with the librarian at their respective campus, and contact them ahead of the selective for approval.
  • Read at least two or three books totaling at least 600 pages.
  • The books you select should be related to the medical humanities--themes that give you insight into the human condition, suffering, personhood, resilience, historical or personal perspectives on medical practice, etc. Please ask your librarian if you are unsure if your book choice(s) meets the criteria.
  • Write either one long essay combining your thoughts on all 3 books into the essay, or write 3 one-page essays for each book.
  • Your essays should not be book reports but your personal reflections--how you changed your mind by reading these books, or how the books opened your eyes to situations you've not thought about before, how they made you think or feel differently about medicine, your career choice, etc. 
  • Send your essays to Cynthia or Lisa by the end of your selective.
  • Schedule a 30-minute meeting via Outlook with Cynthia or Lisa to discuss your essays and article. The meeting should occur the week after the selective, but can be negotiated with the librarian.