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Nursing Instruments & Measurements: Books

Books, chapters, and web resources to help you locate nursing instruments and questionnaires.

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Approaching Death: Improving Care at the End of Life . Committee on Care at the End of Life, Institute of Medicine. National Academy Press. [R-726.8-.A68-1997]
Appendix F Measurement Tools

Assessment and Culture: Psychological Tests with Minority Populations. Sharon Ann Gopaul-McNicol and Eleanor Armour-Thomas. Academic Press. [RC-473-.P79-G673-2002x]
Table of Contents [pdf]

Assessing and Measuring Caring in Nursing and Health Science. Jean Watson. Springer. [RT-42-.W38-2002]
Table of Contents [pdf]

A Compendium of Neuropsychological Tests: Administration, Norms, and Commentary. Otfried Spreen and Esther Strauss. Oxford University Press. [RC-386.6-.N48-S67-1998]
Table of Contents [pdf]

The Fourteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook. Edited by Barbara S. Plake, James C. Impara, and Linda L. Murphy. Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln. [Z-5814-.P8-B392-2001]
Title Index [pdf] or Acronym Index [pdf]

Handbook of Multicultural Assessment
. Edited by Lisa A. Suzuki, Joseph G. Ponterotto, and Paul J. Meller. Jossey-Bass. [BF-176-.H36-2001]
Table of Contents [pdf]

Handbook of Psychiatric Measures. American Psychiatric Association. [RC-473-.P78-A46-2008]
Measures Index [pdf] or Abbreviations Index [pdf]

Handbook of Psychological Assessment. Gary Groth-Marnat. 4th edition. John Wiley & Sons. [BF-176-.G76-2003]
Table of Contents [pdf]

Health Measurement Scales: A Practical Guide to Their Development and Use
. David L. Streiner and Geoffrey R. Norman. 3rd edition. Oxford University Press. [RA-408.5-.S77-2003]
Table of Contents [pdf]

Instrumentation in Human Relations Training: A Guide to 75 Instruments with Wide Application to the Behavioral Sciences. University Associates. [HM-134-.P45-1973]
Instruments List [pdf] or Scales List [pdf]

Instruments for Clinical Health-Care Research. Marilyn Frank-Stromborg and Sharon J. Olsen. 3rd edition. Jones and Bartlett. [RT-81.5-.I57-2004]
Table of Contents [pdf]

Instruments for Measuring Nursing Practice and Other Health Care Variables. U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. [RT-81.5-.I57-1979x Vol.1-2]
Title Index [pdf]

Major Psychological Assessment Instruments. Charles Newmark. Allyn and Bacon. [BF-176-.M35-1985x]
Table of Contents [pdf]

Major Psychological Assessment Instruments. Volume II. Charles Newmark. Allyn and Bacon. [BF-176-.M35-1989x]

Making Sense of Factor Analysis: The Use of Factor Analysis for Instrument Development in Health Care Research. Marjorie A. Pett, Nancy R. Lackey and John J. Sullivan. Sage Pub. [R853.S7 P479 2003]

Measurement in Nursing and Health Research.  Carolyn Feher Waltz, Ora Lea Strickland, and Elizabeth R. Lenz.  3rd edition. Springer.  [RT-81.5-.W36-2005]
Table of Contents [pdf]

Measurement of Nursing Outcomes. Springer. [RT-85.5-.M434 2001- Vols. 1-4]
Volume 1: Measuring Nursing Performance in Practice, Education, and Research (2001)
Volume 2: Client Outcome and Quality of Care (2003)
Table of Contents [pdf]
Volume 3 (2nd edition): Self Care and Coping (2003)
Table of Contents [pdf]

Measurement Tools in Patient Education. Barbara Redman. Springer. [R-727.4-.M4-2003]
Table of Contents

Measurements for Long-Term Care
. Sarah Beaton and Susan Voge. Sage. [RT-120-.L64-B4-1998]
Title Index [pdf] or Abbreviation and Acronym Index [pdf]

Measures of Religiosity
. Religious Education Press. [BR-110-.M43-1999]
Table of Contents [pdf]

Measuring Disease. Ann Bowling. 2nd edition. Open University Press. [RA-407-.B68-2001]
Table of Contents [pdf]

Measuring Health: A Guide to Rating Scales and Questionnaires. Ian McDowell and Claire Newell. Oxford University Press. [RA-408.5-.M38-1996]
Table of Contents [pdf]

Measuring Health: A Guide to Rating Scales and Questionnaires. Ian McDowell. Oxford University Press. [RA-408.5-.M38-2006]

Nursing Quality Indicators Beyond Acute Care: Measurement Instruments. American Nurses Association. American Nurses Publishing. [RT-85.5-.N8665-2000]
Table of Contents [pdf]

Rating Scales in Mental Health. Martha Sajatovic and Luis F. Ramirez. 2nd edition. [RC-473-.P78-S245-2003]
Table of Contents [pdf]

Self-Efficacy in Nursing: Research and Measurement Perspective
s. Edited by Elizabeth R. Lenz and Lillie M. Shortridge-Baggett. Springer. [RT-42-.S435-2002]
Table of Contents [pdf]

SPM Handbook of Health Assessment Tools
. Society of Prospective Medicine. Institute for Health and Productivity Management. [RA-427.3-.S62-1999x]
Table of Contents

Tests: A Comprehensive Reference for Assesssments in Psychology, Education, and Business. 6th ed. Taddy Maddox. Pro-Ed. [BF176 .T43 2008]
Table of Contents

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