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Linking to Full Text: Linking to Articles in Clinical Key

How to create persistent links (permanent URL's) to the Mayo Clinic Libraries' full text articles, books, and chapters

How do I obtain persistent links to licensed content in Clinical Key

Link to journal articles or book chapters in Clinical Key :    Clinical Key    

You can search for journal articles and books in the search box mid page or on the top left corner, you can search by the book, journal title or other tab boxes.  If you are interested in using a URL from a particular section in a chapter, it is more difficult to do so. The easiest way will be to link to the start of the chapter and then list what section to scroll to.

Once you have located the article or book page you go to the top internet search bar and highlight and copy to the end of the number and backslash  and then paste where you would like the URL

Copy circled area to create your hyperlink information: