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Learn how to measure the impact and attention of your research.

Altmetric it! Use the Altmetric Bookmarklet

Use the altmetric bookmarklet for a quick and easy way to view article level metrics for any online article that has a DOI:

  1. Drag the bookmarklet into the bookmarks bar in your browser.
  2. View any paper in your browser.
  3. Click the bookmarklet to view altmetrics for the article.

The Altmetric bookmarklet only:

  • Works for articles from PubMed, arXiv or pages containing a DOI,
  • Supports publishers who embed Google Scholar friendly citation metadata on their pages,
  • Collects twitter mentions for articles published since July 2011.

For more information see:


Altmetric gathers article level metrics for journal articles, and provides altmetric data for publishers, institutions and researchers.

Altmetric widgets may be embedded into databases, e-journals or institutional repositories.

You can also use the Altmetric bookmarklet to view metrics for any online article with a DOI.

Altmetric gathers metrics for articles from four main types of sources:

  1. Policy documents.
  2. Mainstream media.
  3. Social media.
  4. Online reference manager and publisher download count data.


Lustig, R. H., Schmidt, L. A., & Brindis, C. D. (2012). Public health: The toxic truth about sugar. Nature, 482(7383), 27-29.

Databases and eJournals with embedded info from Altmetric

Many databases and e-journals now have Altmetric information embedded in the pages for articles.

Look out for an Altmetric box, Am score button, Article metrics link or similar and click through for view the full article-level metrics.

If a database or e-journal does not have embedded altmetric information, you can use the Altmetric bookmarklet.

For some examples, see the databases and e-journals below: