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Altmetrics: Plum Analytics

Learn how to measure the impact and attention of your research.

Introducing PlumX from Plum Analytics

Clinical Citations Telling the Story of Clinical Impact

* This video is 57 minutes.

About Plum Analytics


PlumX is a subscription-based platform for tracking research impact. PlumX gathers and brings together appropriate metrics for all types of scholarly research output.

They categorize metrics into 5 separate types: Usage, Captures, Mentions, Social Media, and Citations.

Examples of each type are:

Metrics_Icons_Usage Usage – clicks, downloads, views, library holdings, video plays

Metrics_Icons_Captures Captures – bookmarks, code forks, favorites, readers, watchers

 Mentions – blog posts, comments, reviews, Wikipedia links

Metrics_Icons_SocialMedia Social media – +1s, likes, shares, tweets

Metrics_Icons_Citations Citations – citation indexes, patent citations, clinical citations


How to Integrate Plum Analytics

Although, Plum Analytics is primarily subscription-based, but it also provides a platform for developers to create their own metrics dashboards and embed PlumX metrics into their websites and applications.